Thursday, December 01, 2005

How To Train Your Man

That ruse about "the way to a man's heart" has it all wrong. Any woman who's slaved to make her husband an elaborate meal knows that he's more likely to conk out on the couch than whisk you off to the bedroom afterwards. After you've been married for a while, you learn what should have always seemed obvious: the way to a man's heart is through his zipper, not his paunch!
Fact is, once you sexually arouse a man, he'll turn circus tricks for the privilege of a ride on his queen's throne. By exploiting this fact -- and tempting him and teasing him with sexy suggestiveness, you can have him on his knees begging you to allow him to kiss your feet, wait on you, clean for you, satisfy you sexually, even humiliate himself for you, if need be. The possibilities are endless. For men go absolutely ga-ga when confronted with a take-charge woman. Sexually aggressive women get what they want in life from their men, and that goes way beyond the bedroom. Making your man beg for your good graces, makes him even more aroused, more beholden to your charms, and (best of all) more willing to do your bidding.
Here are some ideas, to help you tease and tantalize him, until he's willing to do anything you want him to do. Try this routine with him tonight and you'll own him -- mind, body and soul -- as of tomorrow morning!
1. Invite him up to your bedroom and undress him -- while you stand before him in your sexiest outfit. Ask him if he's been a "good boy" for you as you run your fingernails between his thighs.
2. Ask him to kneel down to rub your tired feet. Then tell him that he may kiss them if he wishes to. Allow him to kiss your feet, all the way up your legs, to the crux of your thighs, a part of your anatomy which will now be referred to as his "place of privilege." Stroke his hair and ask him if he's "earned his place."
3. Turn around and have him give your bottom a smooch, to demonstrate his sincerity.
4. Tie his hands behind his back with a silken scarf. Then have him attempt to undress you with his mouth/teeth. If he slobbers, give him a playful smack across the face. He mustn't muss his lady!
5. By the way: Don't let him touch or otherwise arouse himself. That's what those beautifully manicured fingernails of yours are for! Use them to keep him aroused.
6. Now have him take his place at your feet while you read a romance novel or watch a sexy movie. Keep him occupied with a peek at your panties. Once you're in the mood, ask him if he'd like to "kiss his queen's throne."
7. Meanwhile, keep him teased and aroused with your toes. Make sure he has a big stiffy, but only touch it when he needs prodding. Bring him to the brink, but don't let him release! Use this opportunity to manipulate him deeper into his submissive role. Make him confess his fetishistic desires and proclaim his adulation for you.
8. Avail him to your now-musky panty crotch. Allow him to sniff it. Ask him if he'd like to kiss it. Tell him that if he'd like to cross your panty threshold into the gates of paradise, he's going to have to compose an impromptu "Ode To His Lady's Lair." (If the quality of his verse is abysmal, make him stand on his head and say a nursery rhyme).
9. Allow him to remove your panties with his teeth. Then pull his face toward your lair. Tell him to "kiss" and "lick" on your command. Issue these commands as if you were training a pup. You are! If he disobeys you, gag him with your panties and make him nuzzle you with his nose.
10. When his session of oral servitude is complete to your supreme satisfaction, escort him to your four-poster. Push him down on his back and tie his legs to the bedposts.
11. Straddle him. Sit on his chest and find out what he would do to be allowed to kiss your breasts. Hover over him. Get close enough for him to suckle your nipples, then pull away. Slap his face. Make him beg.
12. Turn around and avail him to your bottom. Allow him to kiss your cheeks as you pinch and tickle his joystick. Make him reach with the tip of his tongue to taste the fruit between your legs. Ask him if he's ready to assume the role of your "Personal Ass Kisser" for life. Let him audition for the role. Tell him that whether you make love to him that night depends on the lust and eagerness he exhibits in worshipping your netherhole.
13. By this time, he should be ready to explode. So, naturally you'll want to take a break. Retire to the kitchen for a glass of wine, leaving him to ponder more ways in which he can please his new boss. Drape your moist paints over his face, to give him something to inspire him.
14. When you return, give him a rousing massage between his legs, to stoke those fires within his loins.
15. Verbal stimulation is often very effective, tell him things you might do to reward him, tease him with ideas you know he'd enjoy, threaten to humiliate him if he doesn't satisfy you.
Then grab your riding crop, straddle his hips and take that young buck of yours for the ride of your lives!
Admonishments: Once he'll "do anything to please you" here's some ideas that will keep hubby attentive, while keeping you blissfully entertained.
1. Have him pamper you. Make him...
- give you a foot/back/full body massage- give you a pedicure/manicure,- paint your finger/toe nails.- bathe you/shave your legs.- cook and serve you a nice dinner.
2. Make him do all laundry and hand-launder your panties and lingerie.
3. Make him polish your pumps with his tongue.
4. Make him do the housework: naked, but for his "Hubby" apron and his rubber gloves!
5. Make him wear a collar and lead him around with a leash; Here pooch....Heel! Beg! Roll over...good hubby!
6. Make him earn his rewards; for example: Allow him to kiss your bottom after he does the dishes. 1 minute of pleasure for him for 10 minutes of yours. 1 orgasm for him after he makes you cum 5 times.
7. Spank him 5 times for each minute it takes him to make you climax.
8. Order him to bring himself to the edge of orgasm and stay there until you give him permission. When you give the command he must cum within 5 seconds or he will be punished and/or not allowed to cum at all. (keep him that way for 30 minutes, an hour...or as long as you want)
9. Always make him lick you clean after sex.
10. When You go out, order him to be kneeling at the door for you when You arrive. Give him plenty of chores to do while you're gone.
Punishments: If he's not performing to your satisfaction, or you just feel the need to assert yourself...
1. Spank him. (wooden spoon, hair brush, belt, ruler, ping pong paddle.)
2. Double up on his domestic chores, make them more difficult: make him use a toothbrush to clean the toilet.
3. Deny him orgasms for a long period of time (weeks, months?).
4. Humiliate him in public...take him shopping for sissy panties/lingerie. If at first you're apprehensive about taking the reins of your relationship, just relax and start small. Try this: after work tonight, tell hubby to pour you a glass of wine and give you a foot massage. Then let one of your stockinged feet worm it's way between his knees. In just a few seconds, you're going to have a completely compliant man on your hands. Have fun with your power over him! Once you're comfortable calling the shots, you'll feel as if you'd been doing it for years. And, believe it or not, he's going


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