Sunday, January 23, 2005

Real Women Do Not Do Housework

"At first I thought this was fantasy or role-playing but you've helped me to genuinely transform my marriage."--Wife

"Your understanding of men and how we think is scary."--Husband

"Now we have the excitement of dating and the intimacy and commitment of marriage."--Wife

"I would never have believed how happy I could be submitting to my wife but...I am!"--Husband

"I had almost given up on my marriage but now my friends all envy me when they see how much attention I get from my husband."--Wife

"My whole world has been turned upside down, I never know what to expect from her anymore, and I love it!"--Husband

"I just wish I'd found your website twenty years ago when we were first married but it's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks."--Wife

"Sometimes I get excited just doing the housework for her."--Husband

"I just started trying your technique on my hubby and am amazed at how well it works! He has figured out exactly what I am doing, but, just as you said, he seems compelled to submit. It's wonderful!! THANK YOU!!"--Wife

You too can become the undisputed Queen of your household. Let me show you the way."--Lady Misato

There was a time, you'll remember, when your husband would bring you flowers and open doors for you and generally offer you his open and sincere heart. If your marriage is like most marriages it has grown comfortable and, let's admit it, stale, over time. The love may still be there but it is a less passionate, more platonic love. A familiar love. In the worst cases this can lead to infidelity and divorce. But even in the best cases, I will offer, it is less of a marriage than it could be.

Most wives assume that this is the natural course of marriage like the erosion of a rock by a river or the fading of paint in the sunlight. This is not the case. Rather, it is a consequence of something that most couples leave behind when they become married: Courtship.

Courtship is the act of wooing in love, it is a man seeking the affection of a woman with intent to romance.
By reviving courtship in your marriages you can discover new possibilities of love and passion that you had thought long lost. You can recreate the kind of passionate love in your marriage that you experienced when you were first dating your husband. Together you will rekindle courtship.

Effort is an essential element of courtship. A man does not pursue that which he already has. The problem with most marriages is that they proceed on the assumption that the romance has been won. Sex may be fun and enjoyable but the passion is robbed by the certainty of sex in marriage.

The key to rediscovering courtship in marriage is to withdraw the certainty of romance. This simple idea leads in all sorts of interesting and exciting directions. The purpose of this website is to explore them as fully as possible and to enable you to rediscover courtship in your marriage and thereby bring back that excitment and passion that has been diminshed or lost.

Another problem that occurs in most marriages is a conflict of will. No two people will ever agree on everything. Marriage does not change that fact of life. Marriage is filled with compromise and where differences exist and compromise is not achieved, confict. In some cases the conflict can destroy the marriage.

But there is a simple solution to conflict of will in marriage: If one side submits to the will of the other then conflict is avoided altogether. The couple might continue to disagree but one partner makes the choice to give up their position in deference to the other. Traditionally this meant the wife submitting to the will of the husband. But I will show you how to become the prevailing partner so that it is your husband who submits to your will in every aspect of your marriage. Henceforth, you will make the final decisions in your household.

This is not fantasy. This is not theory. The wisdom I share is based on the experience of real wives in a variety of real marriages. This is an important point because you may read this at first not believing it will work or thinking that it may work for someone else but not for you. If you are skeptical I can only urge that you set aside your skepticism long enough to read, understand, and experiment with these ideas. In later chapters I will show you how you can take small steps to gain confidence and satisfy yourself that what I say not only is true but applies to your specific situation.

This is fun. F-U-N fun! You and your husband can really spice up your marriage and turn everyday experiences into erotic play. But be clear: you can achieve real results in your marriage. Many wives actually: turn over their housework to their husband in part or whole, take control of family finances informally and formally, direct sex toward their own satisfaction, and are courted by their husbands and treated like a Queen twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The title of this website is intentionally provacative and somewhat tongue- in-cheek. But but by now should realize that this is about more than who does the housework. You can and will get your husband to do the chores but that is only the tip of the iceberg. This goes deeper than that, deeper than you could possibly imagine without experiencing it. You will be tapping primal forces of human nature.

If you believe in equality of the sexes either as a condition or a social goal, I guarantee you will be offended by this website.

If you believe that sex is sacred and special, not something to be used as a means to an end, you will be offended by this website.

If you or your husband have experienced mental or physical abuse in your current or a previous relationship then this website is not for you.

This website is for emotionally strong individuals in a stable, loving marriage. You are responsible for the consequences.

An Object of Worship
We are all attracted to people who exhibit self-confidence. This is only natural. Courtship is, more than anything else, an act of adoration. To be courted you must summon the self-confidence to expect and demand his adoration, to become the object of his desires. Easier said than done, right? Well, not by much.

The only difficult step, it turns out, is to decide with absolute and unswerving sincerity that your goal is to be worshiped by your husband. We'll discuss how later but for now, you only must dedicate yourself to that goal. That is not to say that you will measure your self-esteem by your husband's attention. Rather, you will not accept anything less from your husband than outright worshipful adoration.

Understand that you are worthy of his adoration by the very fact, alone, that you are married. You need no further justification than that. You are his wife therefore he should adore you.

Don't worry if you lack confidence in the beginning. Take baby steps to find your way. Confidence will come with positive results. But do not confuse your lack of confidence with your commitment. Be committed and find your way to fulfilling that commitment.

Age is not a factor. Weight is not a factor. Beauty is not a factor. These things are not relevant here. Sexual attraction is 90% mental, only 10% physical. Most women are harder on themselves than are their husbands. You don't need to be a beauty queen to be a sex goddess. It's all about how you act, not how you look. It's the attitude.

This works for one very simple reason: Your husband needs and desires to worship you. He may not be consciously aware of it but the male psychology fundamentally desires pursuit. Just as you desire to be courted so your husband desires to court. It's our nature as human beings. You need only exploit that desire.

The nature of this desire is, essentially, sexual. Sex is the goal. And, not coincidentally, it is the means as well. Sexual desire is what stimulates romantic passion.

And male sexual desire is, in turn, stimulated by challenge. Yes, that's right. The greater the challenge, the greater the sexual desire. No wonder then that marriage becomes stale. When your husband no longer has to pursue you for sex he loses passion. And your desire for his attention only leads to frustration and disappointment for both of you.

You have, within you, a power. An erotic power. That power was not lost with your youth. It is there still waiting to be reawakened. You must reawaken that power within you.

To become the object of his worship, to become Queen of your household, you must learn to comfortably wield your erotic power over your husband.

Erotic Power
Erotic power is the key to igniting passion in your marriage. Erotic power is a strength and force which you can exert to arouse sexual desire in your husband. Erotic power is your capacity to exercise control over your husband through his sexual desire for you. Erotic power is your femininity unleashed against boredom and familiarity in marriage. Erotic power is the unrestrained exploitation of his sexual desires and fantasies toward your personal goals. Erotic power is the unihibited expression of your femininity.

Erotic power will become the focal point of your new marital relationship. This is not to say that it is a substitute for love. On the contrary, it will become for both of you a new and powerful experession of your love for one another. Erotic power will shape and transform your marriage. Your love for him remains certain and unconditional as before. It is romance only which becomes uncertain and conditional. It is important to distinguish the two.

To understand erotic power you must appreciate the essential difference in female and male sexuality. Whereas most couples pay only lip service to their differences, wives who practice erotic power tap directly into it. As noted before, male sexuality is oriented on the chase. Like a thoroughbred horse which enjoys nothing more than a hard run, the typical male enjoys nothing more than the pursuit of a woman for sex. The more challenging the pursuit, the more exciting and determined the chase. You, on the other hand, will appreciate his new attention and energy in pursuit of you.

Exercising erotic power is as simple as placing hurdles for your husband to overcome in your sexual relationship. For example, you might require that you husband wash the dishes before sex. Of course, its great that he does the dishes. But that is not the point. The point is that he will be excited by the challenge you have put in front of him and you will be excited by his efforts to overcome that challenge.

Erotic power is irrestibly effective because it is subversive of the male ego and defense behaviors.
Erotic power provides the male ego with an excuse for giving in to you. Instead of arousing his urge to fight, you are arousing his urge to surrender. When you exercise power over your husband erotically your husband will not recognize this as a challenge to his ego. Instead, he will rationalize that your power over him is something that it is understood that males are not expected to resist.

For example, many men regard doing the housework as a woman's chore and therefore resist accepting this chore and even if he accepts the chore he will regard it as a sacrifice and a favor to you. But if you put your demand in the context of erotic power then his feelings about it will be entirely different. He will be thinking about his goals and your touch, not the "indignity" of the chore or the "sacrifice" to your demand.

How far you go with your erotic power will be entirely up to you. Understand, you are very unlikely to encounter substantial resistence from your husband. The limits of your erotic power are those that you impose upon yourself. For most wives the main problem is getting comfortable with their erotic power. Some husbands who discover their own needs in this regard will go to enormous lengths to persuade their wives to exercise erotic power over them. Because of social taboos regarding the exercise of power in relationships it can be difficult for some wives to be comfortable with their erotic power even when their husbands are begging for it. Add to that the taboos surounding sex and you can see why this is such a misunderstood and underappreciated marital secret.

Make no mistake about it: erotic power is extremely manipulative. To wield erotic power you must overcome your own inhibitions to being manipulative of your husband.

The converse of your erotic power is your husband's submission to you. As you wield your erotic power your husband will yield and surrender himself to your will and authority. It is in his submission to you that he is once again in a position of challenge and pursuit. But you will find that this new relationship goes far beyond the courtship that you experienced when dating. By virtue of your marriage you can establish a deep and close relationship with your husband that could never exist outside of marriage.

Why would any husband willingly submit to his wife? Why don't husbands resist? Some do, in fact, but only a very small percentage. If your marriage is like most you will find that your husband will become addicted to your erotic power in very short order. If resistence is offered at all it will consist merely of token rebellions from time to time for the sake of his ego and to test your resolve and seriousness. In actuality, he will enjoy this as much as you do and he would be extremely disappointed if you were to back away from your new expectations of him.
Of course, not all men are alike and you will need to experiment with your erotic power to learn what works best for your marriage.

Your husband will discover an incredible joy and happiness in his submission to your erotic power. Erotic power taps a deep and primal nerve in the male psychology. You can think of it as a male G-spot. Once you learn how to tap that spot you will have him forever wrapped around your finger.

Getting Started
The first step is always the most difficult. Plunging forward into the unknown with the most important relationship in your life can be a little scary. Often it helps to take some very small first steps to gain confidence and to get a feel for what lies ahead.

This chapter provides an introduction to a very powerful but low risk technique for getting started in your marriage. I will describe this as gradual as is possible. If you feel that you don't need to take it so slowly then you can plunge ahead more quickly or skip forward altogether.

Prepare ahead of time by having a tube of KY Lubricant at your bedside.

Step One: Offer to Experiment
Probably the best cover for experimenting with this approach is to present it under the guise of sexual experimentation. Men love to experiment sexually so if you offer to "try something new" you are very unlikely to meet resistence.
Tell your husband that while you enjoy your current sexual routine that you would like to try something different tonight. (Tell him you read about it in a women's magazine or heard about it from a friend or just tell him you read about it on the web.)

Step Two: Assuming the Position
Ask your husband to lie back on the bed (undressed) for the experiment.
Straddle his thighs with your legs so that you're rear is resting just above his knees. (An alternative is to position yourself with your rear on the bed beside his hip, still facing him, with your legs toward his head.)

Step Three: Manual Stimulation
Dab a generous amount of KY lubricant in the palm of your hands. Spread it to both hands by rubbing them together. Now grasp his penis in your hands and, if it is not already erect, work it until it is.
Once his penis is erect, stroke it gently but firmly. Vary the pace and watch his reaction. Experiment with tighter and looser grip. Experiment with concentration on the tip or the full shaft. Be careful not to overstimulate or you'll end up with a big mess.
Just play around and have fun. Ask him if he is enjoying it and how you can do it better. Follow his suggestions.
This technique is, for him, much like receiving oral sex. But there is an important difference: you don't have your mouth full. You are free to speak to him. As we shall see next this is a critical difference.

Step Four: Conversation
Once you are both comfortable with the technique, engage in conversation while you are stimulating him.
Talk to him and get him to talk back to you. The first night you just want to get him accustomed to talking during sex. Nothing more. So talking about whether he likes it and what you can do to make it better is very unthreatening and easy. But the real purpose is to move on to more serious conversation.
When he is comfortable with conversation during sex then you are ready to move the conversation forward. As you move the conversation forward each time you will engage in deeper and more demanding discussions. You'll be surprised at how easily the words flow from his lips while you are stimulating him. Talk about your marriage. Talk about your plans for the future. Talk about his childhood or his early dating experiences.
While you have his utmost attention, whisper commands to him: "love me", "worship me", "obey me", "surrender to me". These suggestions, during stroking, will penetrate and burrow deep inside his mind.

Step Five: Consumation
At this point you are ready to consumate the conversation. This is the climax that your husband has been waiting patiently for. You have a number of options here but generally the idea is to release him from your firm grasp and to bring things to a conclusion for the night. You can bring him to climax while you are still on top, or you can direct him into a missionary or other position, or you can manually finish things off. Repeat as necessary to get comfortable with the technique and to get him addicted to it.

The key to this technique is control. You direct the discussion and his response through your manipulation of his penis. But as noted previously, overstimulation can result in a messy end to the conversation. And some men will not last a useful period of time.

Interrupting the male orgasm is really quite simple. The male orgasm is essentially a series of contractions to force an expression of semen through the penile duct running along the base of the penis. If you constrict this tube with your thumb the semen backs up and the orgasm is aborted.

This has two effects: it is extremely frustrating for him and it is slightly painful like a quick, sharp pinch deep in his testicles. Now saying that it is slightly painful may cause you to recoil. But remember men do not regard pain the same as we do. For a man, pain can be an expression of devotion. If you set the context right, he will react quite well to this. The key to making it work is to convey the message "not yet." That is the essential context of the technique.

There is no health harm in occassionally blocking ejaculations so long as there is an eventual release, say, at least once a month.

Use this technique sparingly and with purpose.

Sexual Psychology and Physiology
There is a reason that sexuality is so clouded in mysticism and taboo: It is one of the most powerful forces in human nature. For most people it is a chaotic force. Indeed, western culture idealizes spontaneous romance and indulgence of feeling. Scientific research on human sexuality is rarely embraced much less exploited except in the most trivial commercial sense.

Our approach here is rather different. Here we are deliberately wielding sexuality in a carefully planned direction toward the specific goal of taking charge of our marriage. Of course, that doesn't make this a clinical exercise by any means. On the contrary, this is more fun than you can ever imagine. Nevertheless, you must appreciate always the deliberate nature of this approach.

In time wielding erotic power will become second nature to you and you will gain an intuitive understanding of your new role in marriage. But in the beginning it is helpful to have a more explicit understanding of the psychology and physiology behind the transformation.

Let me introduce some psychology terms and concepts and then I will describe how these may be combined into an effective program to train your husband to adore and pamper you at every opportunity.

A primary reinforcer is any reward your husband will work to get, and which will increase or maintain a behavior. Of all the rewards that you could offer your husband, sex is far and away the most powerful. Sex, therefore, serves as the core, primary reinforcer. Simply put, under the right circumstances, your husband will do virtually anything for sex with you. A secondary reinforcer, or a conditioned reinforcer, is any previously neutral stimulus that acquires reinforcing properties through an association with a primary reinforcer over a period of time. The sight of your nipple is an example of a secondary reinforcer, albeit one that he has almost certainly already associated with sex. As a practical matter, you cannot use sex to reward your husband for every good deed. Secondary reinforcers are therefore critical to an effective training program.

There are two types of behavioral conditioning: respondent conditioning and operant conditioning. In respondent conditioning, a neutral stimulus, such as words of praise, is paired with a primary reinforcer, such as sex. Through a repetition of the pairing, the neutral stimulus takes on the ability to elicit the response, it becomes a secondary reinforcer. Note that a secondary reinforcer may be paired with still another neutral stimulus to create a tertiary reinforcer but such a reinforcer will tend to be weaker than one paired with a primary reinforcer. It is therefore always better to associate new secondary reinforcers with your primary reinforcer, sex. Note that operant conditioning refers to behaviors that are not under your husband's control. Your husband is naturally aroused by sex. Use the secondary reinforcer to mark the exact instant of behavior for which your husband is going to be rewarded. If, for example, you pair sex with words of praise then the words of praise will come to arouse your husband by themselves. When your husband learns that words of praise are always followed by sex, the words of praise are said to be conditioned.

Operant conditioning is the process in which the frequency of occurrence of a behavior is modified by the consequences of the behavior. It is the process by which you modify a behavior under your husband's control by manipulating and controlling the consequences to him of the behavior. If positively reinforced, the likelihood of the behavior being repeated increases. If punished, the likelihood of the behavior being repeated decreases.
Once your husband has learned a behavior well, you will want to start rewarding intermittently. Not knowing when the reward will come, what the reward will be or how big the reward will be strengthens the behavior. Think of it like rolling a single six-sided die. The number you would get would be variable. Example: You might want to reward a behavior after 2 times, 6 times, 4 times, 1 time, etc. You might want to offer sex one time, words of praise the next time, a wet kiss the next time, a flash of your nipple another time. Note: it is very discouraging to your husband if you simply make it harder and harder to get a reward. Random variability, not rising expectations, is critical.

Your husband's penis is the most sensitive area of his body. It not entirely without exaggeration that we say that a man thinks with his penis. Think of your husband's penis as a magic button you can press at virtually any time and deliver pure pleasure to him. The one obvious exception is that your husband's sex drive will fall off entirely immediately after he has achieved an orgasm. Depending on his age and physical condition, it may take minutes, hours, or days for him to recover his sex drive.

While husbands enjoy intercourse immensely, it is not the most practical way to deliver stimulation and reinforcement. Intercourse, whatever the position, is generally too distracting for you. And if your husband is on top, he, not you, will tend to control it. You should reserve intercourse as a final reward and the end of the training session and for constructing secondary reinforcers.

At the same time, you should be developing secondary reinforcers. As and when you stimulate his penis, deliver additional stimulations. These additional stimulations may be sight, smell, touch, and sound. Some such stimulants will necessarily be more precise than others but all will acquire a positive association with the stimulation of his penis. The sight of your breasts is an example of a visual stimulation. You can add a smell stimulant by wearing a special perfume during your training sessions. He will come to associate the smell of the perfume with sex. Touch is a more precise stimulation. As you stimulate his penis, you can touch him in other, non-sexual ways. For example, you might give him a quick double-pat on his thigh. Similarly, you can add sound stimulation by delivering specific words or phrases along with the stimulation of his penis. For example, "very good" or "what a wonderful husband you are." You can take it further by using a unique, i.e. sexy, tone of voice.

In addition to such training sessions in bed, you should begin to reward his behavior out of bed. For example, if he does the dishes, you should reward him. Your primary reinforcement is sex. So rewarding him for doing the dishes with your primary reinforcer would involve inviting him, then and there, to go to the bedroom with you to make love. Obviously, this is not a very practical course of action.

Instead, this is where you introduce your secondary reinforcers. If, for example, he washes the dishes, you give him a double-tap on his thigh or whisper in his ear, "what a wonderful husband you are" in your special, sexy voice or flash your bare breast. If he has made a big effort to prepare dinner for you, you can go and put on special perfume for dinner.

In the beginning, you should consistently reinforce your husband for the desired behavior. Once you have trained your husband to perform a desired behavior on a regular basis, though, you should switch to a random reinforcement. While true randomness is ideal, it should be adequate to simply vary the reinforcement according to your whim. It is crucial, though, not to otherwise raise the bar. You can teach him to do new things for you but you should not reduce the reinforcement over time. You must maintain at least a random reinforcement of each desired behavior or the behavior will become extinguished.

Interestingly, while doing chores is a behavior that you are encouraging through positive reinforcement, it may also happen that certain aspects of doing the chores will become secondary reinforcers themselves. For example, as you train your husband to wash the dishes, and reinforce that behavior, your husband may come to indirectly associate the experience of washing the dishes with sex. The more consistent and powerful the reinforcement, the more likely and strongly will be that association. Your husband may actually become aroused by washing the dishes. Thus, over time, washing the dishes may become its own reward.

Once such an association is made between a chore and sex, you can use the chore as a reinforcer. For example, if your husband fails to do the dishes and he discovers you doing them, this will be a punishment. By doing the dishes you are depriving him of something which gives him sexual pleasure.

I often find I have become sexually excited at the darnest times. I may be ironing her clothes, cleaning the bathrooms, preparing dinner, washing dishes -- you name it. And I realize I have an erection. I get excited every time I think about her. I get excited sometimes when I am doing the most mundane of chores for her. She may not even be at home and yet I have become excited just knowing I am serving her in some fashion.
Similarly, you can create an association between general submissive behavior and sex so that he becomes aroused by his own expressions of submission to you.

Unless your husband is a complete moron, he will figure out what you are up to sooner or later. But the training, of course, is very pleasant for your husband. If you are careful to match the pace of training to his receptivity, it is most likely that your husband will cooperate in his training. Simply back off when he objects. Press ahead when he is enthusiastic.

What is most intriguing about these training techniques is that they work even if your husband is entirely aware of what you are doing. The behavior modification techniques will affect him at a deep, subconscious level. You will fundamentally change the way he thinks about doing the chores.

Indeed, some husbands have likened it to creating an addiction. As the training progresses, the husband becomes addicted to the reward system such that, even though he understands, intellectually, why he craves to do the chores, and even though he is entirely aware that you have used sex to train him, still, he will feel a deep, irrefutable craving to do the chores for you. Doing the chores becomes an enjoyable experience for him.
You are, in effect, rewiring his brain to enjoy doing the chores for you. Your husband might initially be willing to make the personal sacrifice to do the chores for you. But as the training progresses, doing the chores will become less a personal sacrifice and more a self indulgence. A wise husband who has committed to serving you will therefore eagerly cooperate in the training.

Submissive Response
Most people are aware of the basic animal instinct when facing a threat or challenge to fight or flee. What is less well known is that there are actually four options that social animals choose among in intra species conflict: posture, fight, flight, and submit.

Note that by conflict and confrontation we do not necessarily mean a physical confrontation. (Indeed, if there is even the slightest possibility that your husband might respond violently then you should not be reading this website.) The vast majority of husbands will react peacefully at most offering passive resistance to your assertion of authority.

Any difference in preference that requires a resolution and a choice between them is a conflict for purposes of this discussion. Choices like what color to paint your bedroom (pink or beige). What to eat for dinner (French cuisine or steak and potatoes). Who does the dishes and the laundry. Where you go for vacation. All these involve different preferences and require one or the other to yield. Of course, conflicts can be about more important matters as well. Will he spend the evening with you or his friends? Will he remain faithful in the marriage? Will he stay home to take care of the family while you go out to pursue a career?

In any intra species confrontation, the first choice will usually be posture, striking a defiant pose or making a defiant sound, in hopes of ending the confrontation. Sometimes these postures can be extremely elaborate and ritualized. Posture is usually the first choice because it is the cheapest. It costs nothing to strike a defiant pose.
But if the conflict continues then a harder choice must be made. The choices of fight and flight are well enough understood that I will not discuss them further here. Suffice it to say that these are not the desired responses.
Rather, we are interested in the submit response. Simply put, the submit response is an instinctive choice that a social animal may choose under particular circumstances. When one animal submits to another animal it openly expresses a willingness to surrender it's claim in the conflict. (A common non-human example is when two dogs confront one another and one turns on his back to surrender to the other.) It gives up. Let me reiterate for emphasis: the choice to submit is an instinctive choice made in the most primitive parts of the brain apart from any rational evaluation of the situation. The submit response exists in large part for the sake of peace within the social unit.

But there is more to this than mere response to conflict. Some surveys have suggested that as many as two-thirds of men have fantasized about being sexually dominated by a woman. The dominatrix occupies a unique place in pornography. Whereas most pornography portrays the woman as soft and submissive and ready the dominatrix is hard and demanding. For reasons that are not entirely clear, the dominatrix elicits both a sexual and a submissive response from a man. Indeed, it is probably safe to say that it is the sexual response which facilitates the submissive choice to what would otherwise be a threat. A man would not choose a submissive response in the absence of the sexual aspect.

Naturally, your goal is to trigger and exploit the submit response in your husband. To accomplish this you need to introduce a conflict to which he will choose a submissive response. Then you need to reinforce that submissive response through respondent and operant conditioning. As his submissive response is developed you can broaden it beyond the original conflict. Eventually, your husband will naturally and automatically choose the submissive response to any and all conflicts between yourself and him. At that point he can be said to have fully submitted to your authority.
Typically the first success eases the way for everything else that follows because by breaking his resistance in one area you demonstrate your ability to break his resistance in any area and because once you begin to reinforce that first submissive response in one conflict you encourage it in all other conflicts.

The key to success, then, is to start off with the right conflict. And there is one conflict in particular that ideally lends itself to the submissive response. Household chores are not a good place to begin because they can be too easily avoided by passive resistance and because they are not inherently reinforcing. Instead the place to begin is with sex itself.

In most marriages it is the husband who initiates, controls, and directs sex. But for reasons that will be discussed later this is far from ideal. By imposing your will to initiate, control, and direct sex you create the ideal conflict. To the extent that he resists your will in this matter (and provided that you commit to having your way) he will starved for sex which is an enormously powerful negative reinforcement on his position. Conversely, by submitting to your choice in this matter he is rewarded with sex. How this conflict resolution unfolds depends on your particular circumstances. But the mere act of giving up control of when sex occurs is very challenging for most husbands habituated to sex on demand from their wife.

But much more is implied here than mere timing. Taking control of sex means directing it toward your own fulfillment. It means doing what you want to do. Some husbands, for example, expect to receive but not to give oral sex. (Many men regard giving oral sex to a woman as "unmanly" or "dirty".) Turning this around creates a powerful conflict in an area, sex, where you hold all the cards. Few husbands can long resist a wife who is committed to having sex her way or no way. The longer he resists the more he will be tortured by his sex drive.
Additionally, as will be discussed in the next chapter, once you are controlling and directing sex you can apply very powerful techniques of respondent and operant conditioning toward every other aspect of your marriage.

The most universal, consistent and chronic complaint that wives have about their husbands is that their husbands are obsessed with sex to the exclusion of communication, affection, and other non-sexual interaction. We already discussed how you can train your husband to perform specific affectionate gestures such as hugging, kissing, and holding hands. Now we will address the more complex behavior of communication.

Men are generally very closed and secretive particularly where their emotions are concerned. Most men would rather brave death than admit their weaknesses and failures even, especially, to their wife. But if you are to truly dominate your husband, you must breach his emotional defenses and get him to open up to you. When you get him to open up you will 1) learn more about how he thinks and what he feels preparing you better to dominate him, and 2) erode his resistance to your domination. The psychology of the male is such that to the more successfully you penetrate his emotional defenses, the more he will feel at your mercy.

Cracking the Oyster
Think of your husband as an oyster, and his emotional being as the pearl. You cannot create what is not there to begin with. But you can get him to open up and reveal himself to you. Just as you trained him to perform simple gestures and chores, so must you train him to open himself up to you emotionally.

There are a couple of things to consider first, though. Number one is this: Men hide their feelings because they consider them not an asset but a vulnerability. An insecure man will not open himself to you. You must build trust with him before he will open up to you.

The second thing that you must keep in mind is this: While women tend to feel a sexual desire only after an emotional bond has been established, men are the opposite. Your husband will not be capable of concentrating on emotional issues until and unless he is sexually satisfied. Men need sex to open up emotionally. Or, to put it another way, a man is most likely to open up emotionally to a woman with whom he is enjoying a healthy sexual relationship.

So cracking the oyster is something to be approached with a little more care. We will discuss first the seductive approach and then the more obvious, but effective, approach.

As your husband loosens up in conversation, he will eventually venture to reveal himself. You must react swiftly and positively to such revelations. Of course, this can be difficult depending on what is being revealed and the circumstances of the conversation, but ideally, you should endeavor to initiate sex with him. The first few times, you should do this consistently. But as soon as you are confident that the behavior has been learned, you should pull back to random reinforcement supplemented by symbolic sexual gestures as discussed previously.

This seductive approach can be surprisingly effective. But there are limits to how deep you can probe, what you can expect to receive in conversation. To truly breach his defenses and reach his inner emotional core you will need to take a more aggressive approach that lacks subtley entirely but which is absolutely irritable.

A good routine to have with your husband is to allocate time at the very end of the day when you are both in bed for a conversation. In this daily conversation, you will explore his innermost thoughts and feelings.

Next, engage meaningful conversations outside of sex. Again, as with gestures and chores, you want to give a symbolic sexual reward for meaningful conversation. Close the conversation with something like this, "you know, talking with you like this really feels good," or "I really feel closer to you now."

Only after you have been in the routine for several weeks should you begin to probe more deeply into subjects that he finds difficult to discuss. For example, you might begin by asking if he's ever bought a porn magazine or visited a porn site. Later you might ask about his lustful feelings toward other women or whether he has ever thought about cheating on you, or ever did.

In these discussions, your attitude should be one of soothing interest. Avoid both consoling and criticizing but focus instead on getting to the truth of the matter in a clinical, objective manner. When he makes a genuine revelation to you, repeat back what he said and thank him for revealing it to you.

Ultimately, you should use these sessions to better understand your husband both in terms of his history and his daily moods. For example, if he was testy or angry during the day, push him to talk about what made him that way. Get him in the habit of telling you everything, everyday.

You can take this one step further by using these sessions to explore his desires and fantasies.
Also, you can use these sessions to reinforce and affirm his surrender to you.

Promises are an important aspect of relationships in general but marriage in particular. A promise is a verbal declaration in which your husband binds himself to do, or to forbear to do, a specified act. It is a declaration which gives you a right to expect or to claim the performance or forbearance of that specified act.

Husbands are naturally more attentive to their wives when they are aroused and excited. There is much you can do to maintain your husband in a state of arousal and excitement but such excitement is in anticipation of sexual satisfaction. Once that satisfaction is achieved, his attention to you will tend to fall off for a while. This is just natural.

Promises are useful because they bind your husband at one time to perform at another time. In particular, your husband may make a promise when he is aroused to perform when he is not.

Your goal, then, is two-fold: First, you need to extract promises from your husband when he is most excited. Second, you need to remind him of the promises he has made and those he has broken.

The best time to extract promises is during foreplay. When your husband anticipates that sexual satisfaction is imminent, he will do or say anything. When extracting promises, directness is best. Just before allowing him to enter you, tell him what you wish of him and ask him to promise.

You can combine interrogation techniques with promise extraction to powerful effect. As one wife wrote:
He did everything I asked, but the diner didn't taste as it was supposed to taste. After he did the dishes and gave me several orgasms (orally), I masturbated him while we had a little "talk". I asked him if he loves me. He said that he worshiped me and that he would do anything to please me. Then I asked him if he would take cooking lessons to make me very good meals. He hesitated a moment and I began to stroke his penis more intensively. He finally said: "I will take lessons to cook you meals that you deserve". It's amazing how he behaves when I'm masturbating him. He's very like a little boy; he stares at my hand like there was nothing else in the world.
Naturally, when the urgency is passed, he will tend to forget his promises. To the extent that he is a man of his word, this will be less of a problem but you should expect him to fail to keep his promises from time to time. Additionally, he may rationalize that the promise was made under duress so it is best to keep a sense of humor about these promises. Still, it is very important not to let him slide but to frequently remind him of his promises especially when he breaks them. Take such broken promises in stride and avoid nagging. Instead, the time to make an issue of broken promises is during sex.

When you are having sex again, remind him of the promises he has broken and ask him to repeat his promises and to promise to keep his promises. If the breaking of promises is relatively minor and the sincerity to correct sincere, then a renewed promise should be accepted. If the breaking of promises is more serious or persistent then some remediation or penance should be required before sex. Additionally, sex may be delayed for a discussion of the broken promises. This delay might be minutes, hours, or even days according to the circumstances.

When you are making important statements to your husband you should assume the power grip. In the power grip you hold his penis gently in one hand while you hold his testicles firmly in the other. The position itself will demand his full attention. Additionally you can alternate between giving pain and discomfort depending on the point you are trying to make.

Training your husband to open up emotionally is more difficult and complex than training him to bring you flowers or clean the house but with patience and love you can accomplish it. You'll find it well worth the effort.
Follow Through +

Once you have established suggestions, you must be prepared to reinforce it. When, for example, your husband does the dishes, you should initiate sex. You should not do this consistently but randomly. It is better to reinforce randomly because you do not want to bind yourself to an implicit bargain, sex for dishes. Instead, you simply want to encourage the behavior of washing the dishes by allowing that such behavior may lead to sex.

Having said that, you should consistently give your husband a symbolic sexual reward. I recommend a whispered "thank you" or "good job" in his ear as you rub your hand roughly across his crotch or a similar arousing gesture. Such a gesture, consistently given, reinforces the association between the behavior and sex and therefore reinforces the behavior.

By introducing suggestions during foreplay, consistently thanking him with a pat on his crotch, and randomly reinforcing the behavior with sex, you are establishing a psychological link between the behavior and sex. As the behavioral conditioning proceeds, your husband will begin to view the behavior, washing the dishes, as a form of sexual foreplay. He may, in fact, become aroused by it.

It goes without saying that once your husband is becoming aroused by washing the dishes, the chore becomes its own reward. He will be eager to do the dishes because it arouses him. You can then reduce the frequency with which you reinforce the behavior with sex without harming his eagerness to do the gesture or chore.

As a general rule, you will elicit the best behavior from your husband if you keep him in a zone between frustration and satisfaction. You absolutely do not want to frustrate your husband. If your husband becomes sexually frustrated, he will be tempted to seek relief outside the marriage. On the other hand, you do not want to entirely satisfy him either. A husband who is sexually satisfied will have no energy to attend to your needs.
Finding that balance is tricky but as a rule of thumb, watch for irritability as a sign of the lower bound and laziness as a sign of the upper bound. When a man is not getting enough sex he will become irritable and distracted. If you find yourself in such a situation, give your husband constructive tasks and then satisfy him upon successful completion. To avoid oversatisfying your husband sexually, you can give him sexual gestures that arouse him without satisfying him. But if you find yourself in a situation where he has become lazy and inattentive you will have no choice but to simply pull back and wait for time to have its effect.

Frequent sexual gestures during the day are the best way of rewarding your husband. Upon completion of even the most trivial task, express your appreciation with a deep, erotic kiss or a press of your hand against his crotch. This will at once reward him and build excitement within him.

After your husband has been trained to attend to your needs, you will want to reserve his sexual satisfaction to the end of the day. Throughout the day, you should be giving him sexual gestures when he does the right thing. These gestures serve both to associate the behavior with sex thereby reinforcing it as well as to arouse him to further efforts on your behalf. At the end of the day, if you decide that he has performed adequately, you can allow him to satisfy you sexually. And then to satisfy himself.

Follow Through
One technique for controlling and directing conversation is the power grip. In the power grip you hold his penis gently in one hand while you hold his testicles firmly in the other. The position itself will demand his full attention. Additionally you can alternate between giving pleasure and discomfort depending on the point you are trying to make or his response or lack thereof.

There are, generally, two alternative approaches to introducing erotic power into your marriage. There is the seductive approach and there is the obvious approach. If your husband has ever expressed an interest in submission to you or if you are certain that he will appreciate submitting himself to you then you ought to take the obvious approach. On the other hand, if your husband is unaware of your intentions and if you are unsure of yourself then the seductive approach would be better.

I will begin here with a description of the seductive approach. If you choose the obvious approach then you can skip much of this.
The idea behind the seductive approach is to:
allow you to discretely gain confidence in your erotic power,
allow your husband time to adjust to your new position in the marriage, and
addict your husband to your erotic power before he is aware of what you are doing.
Naturally the seductive approach is somewhat sneaky. After all, you will be initiating an important change in your marital relationship without his prior knowledge or approval. If this sounds unfair then consider: with only one or two exceptions, I have never heard of a husband resenting the seductive approach. Unless your husband is particularly self-righteous, your efforts will not go unappreciated in the end. You are giving him a gift that requires surprise to be fully appreciated. And if your husband is like most men, when he discovers what you are up to, he will thank you for taking the initiative in transforming your marriage. Think of it as a surprise anniversary gift.
If for whatever reason you choose to take the obvious approach then a good way to begin is to invite your husband to read this website. There are, though, some husband who will not appreciate what you are offering and will then reject your proposal without ever benefiting from the experience of it.

Few men can appreciate beforehand the joy that you can bring them by exercising erotic power in your marriage. Think of it this way: You are here. You know that you would both be happier there. But tradition and cultural norms have told him that he will not be happy there. You must take him there without his knowledge. Sooner or later he will recognize where you have taken him. The key is that, by the time he realizes where you have taken him, he has already discovered that he is happier there. Along the way, your husband may struggle to reconcile his feelings of happiness with social expectations which tell him he should not be happy with where he is going. You must be a patient and loving guide. You must hold his hand through the transformation of your marriage and continually assure him that whatever others may think, you will only love him all the more.

The road is rockier for some couples than for others and all will depend on your husband's disposition. Usually your husband will become aware of what you are doing after he has already become addicted to your erotic power. At that point there may be a crisis during which your husband is angry not with you but with himself because he will then understand how much he enjoys your erotic power and desires to submit to your will. For some men raised on a macho image of themselves this can be difficult to accept. At this point that you will need to offer reassurance to him of your love and respect for him. Eventually even the most stubborn husband will come to terms with his newfound desire for submission to you because the lure of your erotic power will be overwhelming.

Ideally, by the time he figures out what you're up to he has already embraced his submission to you. Then it is simply a matter of your openly acknowledging this new reality in your marriage.

This is weird. This is different. This is not a traditional marriage in which you submit to your husband. This is not a modern marriage in which you and your husband are equal partners. This is a non-traditional marriage in which your husband submits to you. This is a marriage in which the you are the Queen of the household. This is a marriage in which your husband courts you until death do you part.

You may need to rethink your attitudes about the role of sex. For most married couples, sex is something that goes on in the bedroom. At night. With the lights off. Instead, you will need to think about eroticizing your entire relationship. Sex becomes a thread that weaves throughout every interaction between you and your husband, either directly or indirectly. You will deliberately exploit your sexuality every step of the way to an extreme that would make a prostitute blush.

But throughout all, have fun. If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.
If you still doubt your erotic powers, conduct an experiment with your husband.
Experiment 1: Your husband wants sex. Ask your husband to take care of some small chore before sex in a casual manner. Place the chore in the way of sex and your husband will dispose of the chore.
Experiment 2: On some small issue about which you have disagreed, elicit an assent to your choice by a flagrant, playful display of your sexuality.

Your Choice
It's important to understand that men are almost always in the mood for sex. And men don't fail to have orgasms. Men orgasm as a matter of course. It simply makes no sense for the man to decide when and how sex occurs.
The problem is that while a husband may genuinely seek to satisfy his wife sexually, his natural, innate tendency is to achieve his primal goal, consummation of intercourse, with a minimal expenditure of energy. After all, that's precisely what evolution has bred him to do, that's how the male of the species maximizes its genetic contribution.
Clearly these goals are in conflict and more often than not, in the passion of making love, it is the primal instincts which win out. He doesn't mean to be this way, but he is. Only you can change this.

The first step, then, is to take charge of sex. This entails training your husband that sex is for your benefit, not his. It is not the case that he is no longer to be allowed to enjoy sex. On the contrary, you will find that under the new arrangement he will be more excited and satisfied than ever. It is simply that men want to please women in bed and that when sex is directed at your satisfaction, your husband will inevitably be satisfied as well.

The rule you want to establish is simply this: sex happens when you want it to happen. You do not have sex simply because your husband is aroused. You have sex when you are in the mood for it.

Depending on your situation, you might propose this arrangement directly. It may happen, though, that your husband will not naturally take to this arrangement. In that case it is probably better to ease into the arrangement gradually.

To ease into this arrangement, you need to do two things:
Discourage your husband from initiating sex, and
Encourage your husband to respond to your initiation of sex.
To accomplish the first, you must avoid all appearance of enthusiasm whenever your husband initiates sex. You can say you "have a headache" or you can go along but stare impatiently at the ceiling or at your finger nails. Don't help him with suggestions as to what you desire but lay quietly and passively. And under no circumstances should you allow yourself to reach orgasm when your husband has initiated sex.
At the same time, you must begin to initiate sex yourself. You can initiate sex subtly or directly. You might tease his crotch or put on lingerie. Or you might simply say, "I want you to make love to me tonight." Or just proceed to make love to him. In any case, when you have initiated sex you must allow your husband to satisfy you completely and entirely as discussed above. You must express your passion without inhibition. Moan and scream with pleasure at his touch. Freely direct your husband as to what pleases you most. Don't be afraid to tell him that you prefer this position or that. Or that you prefer that he perform oral sex on you. Don't be afraid to just take over altogether.

Your husband will eventually learn that when he initiates sex, sex is boring and degrading. He will feel impotent, figuratively and perhaps literally, at his failure to bring you satisfaction when he is in charge. He will also learn that when he responds to your initiation, sex is exciting and satisfying for both partners. It is only a matter of time before he is hanging on your every word and gesture waiting for his opportunity to satisfy you, and himself.
What is interesting is that if your husband is like most men, his sex drive will probably increase at this point. This is a danger to which you must be alert. Your husband may feel frustrated that he has lost control over the frequency of sex. If, as is usually the case, he also prefers more frequent sex under the new arrangement, the frustration will be all the greater.

You must come to the rescue. You must cede some control back to him. You do this by indicating to him what things he can do to "get you in the mood." Things that get you in the mood might include gestures such as dining out, small gifts, and flowers. Later we'll discuss more advanced behaviors that you'll teach him to use to get you in the mood.

The best time to make these suggestions is during foreplay. Just mention, casually, that you are in the mood for sex tonight but that you might be in the mood more often if he were to take you out occasionally. This is the best time because in addition to providing specific information to your husband, that his attention to you puts you in the mood for sex, you are also establishing a psychological link between sex and the desired behavior. We will discuss this link in detail later.

You might also make these suggestions if your husband raises the issue of the frequency of sex. He might, for example, confront you with his frustrations. You should be prepared to respond with suggestions that will ease his sexual frustration. This is not the ideal time to make these suggestions but it may be necessary. It is better to head off this confrontation by making your suggestions during sexual foreplay.

Your New Routine
Now that you are in control of sex you are ready to begin the techniques that will transform your marriage and make you the Queen of your household. Everything so far has been mere preparation. Preparing you to take charge of your marriage. Preparing your husband for your ascendancy. Later chapters will elaborate on why and how these techniques work and offer additional options and choices. But this is central chapter where you learn the key techniques.

The key to establishing your power and authority in marriage is to introduce conversation into sex. It is the coupling of intellectual and physical, physiology and sexuality, expression and consummation. Through these techniques you will open his mind and plant suggestions and ideas that he will embrace and internalize. Even as you are opening your legs to his physical penetration, you are opening his mind to your intellectual penetration.
These techniques are divided into graduated steps. Depending on your situation you may move quickly through the steps in the first night or you may need to move gradually over the course of months. The pace may vary but the essential process remains the same. Eventually, you will step casually through each step; they will become your routine sexual activities, as natural as anything you do today.

Step One: Satisfaction
Your satisfaction always comes first. Every sexual encounter with your husband should begin with his bringing you to orgasm at least once, perhaps several times, by oral or other non-intercourse means. You may abbreviate this step early on but ultimately this may be drawn out for hours at a time.

Step Two: Just Talking
Once you are satisfied you are ready to begin the core training techniques. You begin by introducing conversation into sexual foreplay. After, or even while if practical, he is bringing you to orgasm you should engage him in light chat.

Men do not normally associate talking with sex and your husband, being driven to achieve consummation, will not be a very good partner in the conversation. But you must persist. If necessary, things to a halt and implicitly or even explicitly threaten to end the evening to a halt in order to get his attention. Only after your husband has made a genuine attempt at conversation should you proceed again.

You should begin with relatively minor, unchallenging matters, things that you discuss every day or perhaps that you have never discussed but which might be slightly embarrassing to him.

Your purpose at this point is simply to get your husband comfortable talking during sex. He may resist at first but you will eventually create a positive association between conversation and sex and it will become increasingly comfortable for you both and encouraging to him.

Step Three: Manual Stimulation
The next step is to take control of the direction of the conversation. You will control the direction of conversation through manual stimulation of his penis.

To do this stimulate your husband's penis is manually, with your hand. Position your husband in bed, on his back. Straddle his thighs with your legs so that you're rear is resting just above his knees. Dab some KY Lubricant on your hands for lubrication. You can then easily stimulate his penis while you engage him in a face-to-face conversation. An alternative is to position yourself with your rear on the bed beside his hip, still facing him, with your legs toward his head.

You can now engage your husband in conversation. Talk to him and get him to talk back to you. Ask him questions. Make requests to him. Ask him to make promises to do or not do specific things. Whenever he does as you ask, you increase the stimulation of his penis. Whenever does not do as you ask, you reduce or halt the stimulation. It is that simple. But be careful, over stimulate him and the session will come to an abrupt and messy end.

It's crucial that you distinguish between his compliance with your request and the content of his reply. For example, if you ask him to tell you if he has ever lusted after another woman, and he does, you should reward his response. He may in fact have told you that he has lusted after a co-worker, an answer you did not like to hear. But you should rectify this by asking him to promise to direct his sexual energies exclusively toward yourself. And then reward him for making that promise.

Conversations during manual manipulation are extremely effective for a number of reasons. First, you are employing behavioral modification mechanisms to shape his behavior toward openness. Second, you are distracting him from his natural tendency to avoid revealing his feelings and vulnerabilities; the manual massage of point of sensitivity and pleasure is almost hypnotic in its effect. Third you are providing his ego with an excuse for lowering his defenses; he will rationalize that he is opening up to you because he was compelled by a force he could not resist, the force of erotic power.

What to talk about? Here are some suggestions:
Questions: You have many questions that he's dodged and avoided your entire marriage. Now is the time to ask. And each answer he gives will open new questions. Don't be satisfied till you know everything. He, in turn, will realize he cannot hide anything from you and truth will prevail in your marriage. Find out if he's ever cheated on your or thought about doing so. Find out his sexual fantasies and deepest desires. Find out he darkest secrets.
Requests: Tell him what you need of him. Housework? Nice clothes? Control of the family finances? For him to stay home and run the house while you go earn a paycheck? Anything is possible.

Suggestions: "Obey me", "submit to me", "do as I say", "surrender to me", "satisfy me", "give me everything you have", "work for me", "love me", "worship me".

Step Four: Consummation
At this point you are ready to consummate the conversation. This is the climax that your husband has been waiting patiently for. You have a number of options here but generally the idea is to release him from your firm grasp and to bring things to a conclusion for the night. You can bring him to climax while you are still on top, or you can direct him into a missionary or other position, or you can manually finish things off.
However you choose, you can maximize the impact by associating this climax with the highpoint of the conversation. For example, you can bring him to climax just as he has revealed some deep dark secret to you or after he has made some important promise.

Wider Impact
Once your husband has submitted to your authority in sex his desire to please you will naturally spread to other areas of your relationship. You will find that he consults you more on financial decisions, on balancing work and family, even on his choice of friends. Everything will change for the better if you can manage to lay the foundation correctly.

Sexual Management
As you assume the role of Queen of your household and senior partner in the marriage, you will conceive your husband's sexuality not merely as a source of pleasure for him (and a tool for procreation) but as a mechanism through which you can manage, control, and direct his behavior. His penis, while still attached to him, will become your property.

Essential to this view of marital sex, you will need to begin to manage his sexual release as you might manage his diet. This concept of sexual management, of determining when and how he is allowed sexual release, is not only a matter of power and control but also a matter of skill and awareness.

Keeping Him on Edge
As a general rule, you will elicit the best behavior from your husband if you keep him on the edge between frustration and satisfaction. You absolutely do not want to frustrate your husband for too long. If your husband becomes overly frustrated, he will be tempted to seek relief outside the marriage. On the other hand, you do not want to overly satisfy him either. A husband who is sexually satisfied will have no energy to attend to your needs.
Finding the right balance of sexual desire is tricky but as a rule of thumb, watch for irritability as a sign of the lower bound and laziness as a sign of the upper bound. When a man is not getting enough sex he will become irritable and distracted. If you find yourself in such a situation, give your husband constructive tasks and then satisfy him upon successful completion. To avoid oversatisfying your husband sexually, you can give him sexual gestures that arouse him without satisfying him. But if you find yourself in a situation where he has become lazy and inattentive you will have no choice but to simply pull back and wait for time to have its effect.
Frequent sexual gestures during the day are the best way of rewarding your husband. Upon completion of even the most trivial task, express your appreciation with a deep, erotic kiss or a press of your hand against his crotch. This will at once reward him and build excitement within him.

After your husband has been trained to attend to your needs, you will want to reserve his sexual satisfaction to the end of the day. Throughout the day, you should be giving him sexual gestures when he does the right thing. These gestures serve both to associate the behavior with sex thereby reinforcing it as well as to arouse him to further efforts on your behalf. At the end of the day, if you decide that he has performed adequately, you can allow him to satisfy you sexually. And then to satisfy himself.

Controlling Orgasm
A technique for keeping your husband on edge and controlling his orgasm is to apply one or more layers of condom during intercourse. I recommend at least two and I recommend that you apply them, rather than having him put them on, to emphasize that his penis is your property, not his.

The first condom should be one which includes a desensitizing lubricant. The last condom that you apply should be a ribbed condom for your pleasure. Depending upon your husband substantivity you might want to apply one or more intermediate condoms.

With these condoms in place your husband's penis becomes essentially a play toy for your pleasure and puts you in total control of intercourse. You can have as many orgasms as you please while he will be frustrated in his own efforts to find relief. How and when you remove the condoms is up to you but one idea is to remove one condom each time you achieve an extraordinary orgasm until, finally, he finds relief himself. Alternatively, you can precondition the removal of condoms on promises, one condom for each promise.

Prostate Milking
Taking the concept of orgasm control one step further, you can milk his prostate of semen to preempt his orgasm. Prostate milking does not itself produce an orgasm and, once his semen has been expressed by milking, it becomes impossible for him to orgasm until more semen is produced (which may take hours or days depending on his age and health). However, while he will find the milking pleasant and stimulating, unlike an ordinary male orgasm, milking provides no sexual climax. Thus, having been milked, he will remain erect, ready, indeed eager for sex but, in fact, can only experience frustration at his inability to achieve orgasm. This technique is therefore recommended as a gentle and fun exercise of power or punishment (e.g. for unauthorized masturbation). Prostate milking can be used at the start of any sexual activity in which you desire, for whatever reason, that your husband not achieve orgasm; the only limit to following activity will be his physical endurance.

The technique of prostate milking actually involves three adjacent organs of the male reproductive system: the prostate gland, the seminal vesicles, and the ampulla, which is the reservoir which actually holds the male sperm just prior to ejaculation. The prostate gland when engorged can be accessed via the rectum, where it can be felt as a rounded lump toward the front of the body and just about an index finger's length inside the rectum. To find it from the rectum, insert the middle finger, and slide it from just inside the rectum (on the front side) up and in until you feel it move over a lump. That will be the prostate. Just above the prostate is a smaller and roughly triangular wedge shaped nodule that is the bottom portion of the somewhat larger seminal vesicles, which is where most of the semen is produced and accumulated. Underneath the seminal vesicles are the ampulla. During sexual arousal, semen accumulates in these glands backing up behind valves in the ejaculatory ducts. When fluid pressure reaches a high enough threshold, the valves open and the urethral bulb fills, triggering the ejaculatory reflex and muscular contractions of orgasm, which empties the glands.

In prostate milking, however, these glands are directly massaged to force the semen to be expressed without an orgasm. You can massage the prostate with your fingers (your middle finger or both index and middle finger) or with a specialty product like the Crystal Wand or similar device that is designed to reach the glands through the rectum. If you are using your fingers I recommend wearing a latex glove. With your husband leaning over a table or on his hands and knees, generously lubricate the device (or your finger). Press the tip of the device or your finger against the anus. The anus will reflexively tighten. Do not force past this tightening but instead massage the anus with gentle pressure. Eventually, the anus will relax and the device or fingers will slide easily and gently it into his rectum. Stimulate his penis with your free hand taking care to stop short of orgasm. This will cause the glands to swell with semen. Now begin massaging the prostate vigorously through his rectum. Semen will slowly dribble from his penis, forced out by the action of your massage and not by an ejaculation. Continue until no more semen can be forced out, this may take several minutes.

The sensation for your husband will be pleasant but unsatisfying. Throughout the milking he will have the constant feeling of being on the verge of an ejaculation, as if just a little more massage would satisfy his sexual desire. Prostate milking keeps him on the edge of ejaculating but without the final orgasmic release. Thus you can expect that once you begin he will not resist but enthusiastic cooperate in the process hoping, beyond reason, to find sexual release from the massage.

As previously discussed, whenever your husband orgasms he will, for a time, become less submissive and less driven to please you. But with prostate milking this is not the case. Because he is never sexually satisfied he remains sexually frustrated, submissive, obedient and attentive. Unlike denial, which he might avoid by secretly masturbating, prostate milking leaves him physically unable to be satisfied and more dependent on you than ever.

Merit System
While you can accomplish a lot with an informal system of rewards and punishments a more formal approach can yield more satisfactory and consistent results. A merit system is simply a systematic method of keeping track of behavior so that rewards and punishments can be more accurately applied.

But accuracy is not the only benefit of a merit system. The mere act of keeping track will have a profound effect on your husband. Not only is his every behavior subject to an indelible record avoiding any possibility that you might forget either the act or your feelings about it, but in addition the constant state of evaluation will elevate your power over him and further invite his surrender to your will.

Keeping Track
The first step is, of course, to keep track. Make a habit of keeping a notepad handy at all times either in your purse or in a pocket. The idea is to record your reaction to your husband's behavior at the instant of the behavior.

If you trust your memory of if you simply do not enjoy keeping track throughout the day, you can simply make a mental review of the day each night.

Nightly Ritual
In a journal that you keep summarize your husband's behavior for the day.
Assign a score for your husband's behavior that day:
Unacceptable: Performing beneath expectations.
Acceptable: Doing what was explicitly demanded but no more.
Good: Going beyond what was demanded on at least one occassion.
Exceptional: Surprising you with exceptional attention.
Review the day with your husband explaining where he underperformed and what he needs to do to improve. Also praise him for things he does well or above expectations. This review can be coupled with the Conversation techniques previously described for immediate emphasis.

Reward and Punishment
There are basically two approaches to handing out reward and punishment. Either can be effective and your choice will depend mainly on practical matters in your marriage.

In either case you keep a running score. In the first approach when the score reaches a predetermined high (or low) you reward (or punish) him accordingly. For example, if he achieves seven days of a 3 or better score then you allow him a release at the end of sex. Or if he accumulates three 1 scores then you might take a paddle to him. Either way you wipe the slate and start over. You can be as sophisticated in your scoring as you please computing averages for example. Excel is a great tool for recording and computing scores.

Alternatively you can have a regular weekly, biweekly, or monthly event. If the score is sufficient then release is granted. Otherwise not. Again, you wipe the slate and start over for the next period.

In addition, you can vary his allowance and other privileges according to his score. For example, you might assign a minimum score that he much achieve before he is allowed a night out with the boys.

Up to now we've mostly discussed positive reinforcement as a tool for shaping and transforming your marriage and exercising erotic power. Here we will discuss the flip side of the coin, negative reinforcement or punishment.
Simply put, negative reinforcement is the association of a negative consequence with a undesired behavior. For example, disobedience is an undesired behavior that ought to be punished to discourage it.

But punishment is more than simply negative reinforcement. Punishment can also include penance. Penance is a means for amending wrong and obtaining pardon for it. Penance consists partly of the performance of reparation rituals and partly to voluntary submission to a punishment itself. In other words, a husband may, by his very act of submission to your selected punishment amend his wrong in your eyes.

Penance provides you with a means to overcome your anger, pain, and frustration at your husband. Penance provides your husband with an opportunity to express his love and remorse by enduring the punishment you have selected.

Ideally, you should always have a punishment (or penance) available for any given wrong. Thus there is always a means for restoring the marriage to a state of mutual respect and love. Indeed, a husband's transgressions become an opportunity to have some great fun. In practice you may find that there are some wrongs that are not so easily set right and which try your patience. My suggestion is that you are simply not thinking broadly enough in terms of punishment. For every misdeed there exists an appropriate punishment.

Broadly there are four categories of punishment available to you. The most subtle form of punishment is to do chores that your husband would otherwise be expected to do. In this way you are signaling to him that his wrong has placed him outside of your relationship and that you choose not to rely upon him. If you've been aggressive about forming erotic associations with chores this punishment will also server to rob your husband of stimulating tasks. Finally, you place him in the position of begging to serve you again.

The second category of punishment is to place him outside your sexuality. In the simplest case you might simply withhold sex for a period of time (while teasing and arousing him). This can be a fun way to express your disappointment with him. ("No sex for a week.") A more aggressive variation of this punishment is to make love with yourself (masturbate) in his presence, with his knowledge, and in his stead. For example, you might use a vibrator to reach climax while he watches or while he sits in the corner of the room. This can be a most delicious punishment because it will, on the one hand, arouse him in the extreme and, on the other hand, send him a strong signal that you can do without him in that department if you choose. In effect you are, as a consequence of his wrong, choosing to make love without him. Finally, you can deny him orgasm with prostate milking (see Management). The advantage of this technique is that he will become physically unable to achieve orgasm (even by secret masturbation) while you will be free to engage in any and all sexual activity with him.

The third category of punishment is humiliation. This can be tricky so it should be used carefully. In most cases, the threat of humiliation is more effective than the actual deed. For example, by requiring your husband to wear panties as his underwear he will always be at risk of humiliation. Public disobedience can be met with public revelation of this tender fact. The panties will be a constant reminder of the precariousness of his situation in the marriage.

The fourth and last category of punishment is perhaps the most extraordinary of all: physical punishment, usually spanking. Spanking can be very cathartic for both parties. Men are particularly fond of enduring physical pain in their devotion to love or in the service of an important cause. For men enduring physical pain can be a powerful symbol of manhood. All the more when that pain is at the request of their love.

For you the act of spanking can be a way to release and direct your anger. The next time that you find that your anger has overwhelmed your love for your husband try pulling down his pants and paddling him on the buttocks, hard, until you can truly forgive his wrong and make love to your husband. Vent your anger against his buttocks until you forget his transgression and feel sorry for him.

I like to offer the Queen/knight metaphor. Some alternative approaches center on a Mistress/slave metaphor. The problem with the Mistress/slave metaphor is that slavery is an involuntary institution. Slaves are taken into labor by force. By contrast a knight willingly dedicates himself to the service of his Queen.

A slave stands behind his Mistress with a bowed head. A knight stands in front of his Queen with his hand on the hilt of his sword eyes peering for potential threats.

For this reason and others, Queen/knight metaphor is just plain more romantic than that of a Mistress/slave. A knight is a votary, a person who takes vows to live a life of service. A knight as protector acting always in the interest of his Queen.

Exercise of erotic power leads naturally and inevitably to matriarchy. You will be able to train your husband to do virtually anything you wish. And you'll have the most incredible sex life you can imagine.

When you wield erotic power to dominate your marriage, you are happier and your husband is happier. Your husband is happier because he is a hero. He comes to your rescue by doing the chores around the house and by satisfying you sexually. You are happier because you have someone to talk to and to do the chores for you and because you are finally enjoying sex with your husband.

Indulge your wildest fantasies. Set yourself upon a pedestal and watch your husband worship at your feet as you lead him around by his sexual desires. It's amazing how many aspects of your life your erotic power will touch.

Sylvia and Dennis
When Sylvia first suggested using her hand to stroke Dennis's penis easily agreed. After all, what reason did he have to say no? At first he felt strange that, while stroking his penis with her lubricated hand, she would talk about things that had little or nothing to do with sex. She wanted to know how he felt about various things, her figure, her scent, doing many things for her. In time his answers became automatic. He found he couldn't concentrate on his answers when his penis was being stroked.

Day by day, he found himself more busy with housework, running her errands, giving massages and even making dinner, not to mention clearing up. He felt that all of that had to come first before sex.

One evening, she surprised him by rejecting his offer to have sex and, instead, demanding that he give her oral sex. She said she was too tired for penetrative sex. Having never experimented with oral sex, he was shocked by her demand and refused her. She simply turned and went to sleep.

Over the next few days, he knew she was pleasuring her herself with her toys. He made it a point to turn up the volume when watching porn and masturbating but he actually felt miserable. The masturbation brought only temporary relief and he felt empty.
When he could bear it no longer he decided to decided to compromise. He started cleaning up again. He bought her flowers and offered to give her massages. He told her he was sorry for being rude and wanted to work things out.

That night when she came to the bed in only her robe his heart pounded with excitement and anticipation. But when he went to touch her she said, "the past few weeks had been hectic and tiring, I and just want to relax, what I'd really like is to feel your tongue down there." She opened her robe to reveal her nakedness and spread her legs out. He could only stare in disbelief. Seeing his hesitancy at her request, she said "still no?" She closed her thighs and robe. She switched off the lights, turned and went to sleep. He stared at her in the dark.
For what seemed like hours, but was probably only minutes, he struggled with himself. Finally, he rationalised that he should perhaps give in. "I want to pleasure you with my lips," he whispered in the darkness almost hoping that she wouldn't hear.

"Are you sure?" she replied in a soft voice? She switched on the lights and asked me, "do you wish to lick me now?" He blushed, feeling his pride and ego being trampled.
"I love you," he declared.
"Show me," she said as she switched on the lights and directed his face to her crotch with her firm hands. To his surprise, he quickly brought her to orgasm. He felt proud for being able to bring such pleasure to her but, at the same time, felt humbled for being made to serve a woman this way. But all was quickly forgotten when she directed him to intercourse.
Within a couple weeks he went from being repulsed at the thought of oral sex to craving it but still too proud to admit this to his wife and, so, always left it to her to suggest.
Then she started rejecting my advances even when he offered to give her oral sex before penetration.
"I'm tired of your playing hard to get," she explained.
He took this as a cue and knelt down before her whilst she was watching TV. He was guided more by my own sexual desperation rather than intellectual reasoning.
He switched off the TV and said to her. "Darling, please forgive me for being so ignorant and insensitive in the past and even now. I realise that you were offering me an intimate part of yourself as a privilege for me to love you but I rejected you and passed negative comments. I do crave you and I am crazy about the way you smell and taste. Your pussy was the first pussy he have ever licked. If you would only give me another chance to prove my love for you, I promise to obey you and learn and do whatever it takes to give you the pleasure that you deserve." He took her hand and kissed it.
She was stunned.
Though her eyes were shining, she managed to control her emotions. She kissed him on the forehead and said "I'm so glad to have a husband who loves me as much as I love him." Not wanting to spoil the moment he asked, "dear may he have the honour of giving you pleasure?" He he kissed her crotch through her tight jeans as an indication of his intentions. She nodded silently and he pulled down her pants and panty right there.
This time the experience was different. It was intense but more sublime. He just surrendered to her movements and directions. He felt strangely proud when he borught her to orgasm. They cuddled afterwards forgetting altogether about his penis. For the first time, he felt so involved with her orgasm that he did not think about his own.
When they woke up the next morning, her tender mood was replaced by her usual dominant self. This time more assertive and confident. She teased him and held his erect penis. She said "we forgot about you last night dear. Do you want some attention?"
He said, "yes of course honey." After directing him to again bring her to climax orally, she lubricated her hand and stroked his penis.
"You are such a wonderful husband to confess your desire For my femininity," she gushed. "Tell me again what you crave." And as he repeated his desire for her she brought him to climax with her hands.
Now he truly feels like she is on a high pedestal and he servs her like a Queen. He now realizes that there is no point to contest what she wants. When she is happy then he is happy.
Bobbi and Larry*
Bobbi and Larry had led an ordinary marriage for seven years. But when Bobbi took up taebo as an exercise, things began to change.
Larry noticed that Bobbi had become more sexually aggressive in bed and assertive around the house. Of course, he enjoyed her increased interest in sex. But he also found strange new feelings welling up inside him as a result of her new assertiveness. For the first time in his life, and without understanding why, he felt an irresistible urge to yield to her. To let her take have her way in even the most ordinary disputes.
One day, while she was away on a business trip, he was exploring the web to learn more about the feelings he had been experiencing lately. In the course of his exploration, he ran across the RWDDH website and was captivated. He wasn't sure about the housework part, but he quickly realized that this was the sort of relationship that he had been craving. He wanted to submit himself to his wife in every aspect of their life.
So he composed a long email to Bobbi explaining his feelings, pointing her to the website, and offering to submit himself to her. He even offered to clean the house while she was away.
When Bobbi received the email at her hotel that night she was immediately excited. Since taking up taebo, she also had experienced strange new feelings. For the first time in her life she felt empowered; she had been struggling to express herself without upsetting their marriage. When she followed the link to the RWDDH website she was intrigued. Here, finally, was a way she could express herself. She was all the more excited because Larry had similarly recognized the change in her and was already adjusting himself to it. She thought about assigning him the household chores, which they nominally shared but which tended, in practice, to fall to her. She had tried before to get him to do more housework to no avail but this seemed most promising.
She picked up the phone and called home. Larry answered, "hello?"
"Hi, Larry, this is Bobbi," she said. "I got your email."
There was silence on the other end for several seconds and then Larry offered defensively, "I hope you didn't find it too weird. I was just in a strange mood, I guess."
"No, no," Bobbi replied. "I thought it was really touching. I don't think you've ever said anything so honest before. Is this really what you're thinking?"
Again Larry paused, "it was just a thought."
"Well I think it is a beautiful thought," Bobbi offered.
"You do?" Larry began to shake with anticipation.
"I do. In fact, I've also been feeling differently lately and I really think we should explore your idea."
Bobbi spoke in her most authoritative voice, "I want to take you up on your offer. I want you to clean up the house and I want you to make sure all the dishes and done and the laundry is put away. Then, when I get home, if everything is in order, we'll spend some time together."
"Yes, ma'am," Larry replied with a mixture of sarcasm, joy, and a touch of trepidation.
"I'll arrive tomorrow at the airport and you can pick me up. You already have my flight schedule. I'll let the secretary know that I won't be needing a shuttle this time. OK?" she asked.
"OK," he replied. "I'll pick you up tomorrow and the house will be clean when you get home. God I want you so bad right now."
"Go take a cold shower and then start cleaning up the house," Bobbie said. "And Larry, one more thing. Get rid of those porno magazines in your drawer and those pictures on our computer. You won't be needing those anymore."
Larry winced, "yes, ma'am."
"Good night. I love you," she said.
"I love you," Larry replied.
That night, Bobbi could hardly sleep as she imagined Larry, back at home, toiling away at the housework. The thought of it made her shake. She wondered if this was just a phase, something that would pass in time. But it didn't feel like a phase. It felt like this was the way it always should have been. It felt natural. It felt right.
She wondered how far she could go as the head of the household. She already made more money than Larry. His consulting business had never taken off while her career had blossomed. It was her stock options that were providing for their retirement. It was she who had managed to pay off the house. Why shouldn't she make the financial decisions, then. Would Larry tolerate that? She logged on again and reread the RWDDH website and was convinced that she could persuade him. In fact, since he was only half employed as it was, why not have him become her househusband? He could split his time between keeping the house and his consulting business, which he did mostly out of the house anyway.
She sat down and made a list of things she wanted to change. She was in charge now. Things were going to be different.
Jane and Joe*
Joe was a porno junkie. He spent his nights browsing the web looking for free pics. His favorites were female domination sites, strong women with whips and chains.
Occasionally, he tried to introduce his wife, Jane, to his sexual fantasies. He bought her leather lingerie, a rubber suit, a paddle, handcuffs, clips, and various other BDSM props. He offered her his services for the weekend as "sex slave."
But each time she not only rejected his suggestions but also castigated him for trying to introduce such perversions into their peaceful home.
But when Joe stumbled on the RWDDH website, his intuition told him that this was different. Maybe, he thought, his wife might try something as toned down as this.
So one evening he printed out a copy and left it on her pillow for her to read. When she came to bed, she picked it up and skimmed through it. "What do you think of that," he asked as innocently as he could manage.
"Why do you keep giving me this stuff," she replied. "You know I'm not interested in this."
"But this is different," he argued. "You should read it with an open mind. Wouldn't you like me to do the housework for you?"
Reading it over a little more carefully this time, she looked up, "but I'm supposed to 'reward' you for doing the chores with sex. That's ridiculous. I'm not going to do that. Stop trying to drag me into your sexual fantasies?"
She tossed the printout in the trash. Joe left it there that night but the next day he retrieved it and put it on her nightstand. Thereafter, a game ensued. She would toss it at night and he would retrieve it in the morning.
Meanwhile, Jane thought about the concept now and again. As absurd at it seemed to her, she was intrigued by it. She wondered what it would be like to live such a marriage, to be the female head of the household. To wield erotic power over a compliant husband.
She began to fantasize about Joe doing the housework while she relaxed and watched tv.
Eventually, Joe gave up and put the printout in the drawer of his nightstand. He visited the website from time to time but slowly lost interest and hope.
One weekend, though, Jane became utterly frustrated with Joe. He had been promising to clean the garage for over a month but now she could barely get from her car to the door.
She stormed into the den where Joe was watching football with a beer in one hand and a pretzel in the other, "if you don't get off your fat ass and clean up the garage there's not going to be any more sex in this house, period!"
After recovering from his brief shock, Joe leaped to his feet and immediately set about not only to clean the garage but also the entire house.
Jane, seeing his reaction, reflected on the power of her authority. She remembered the website and suddenly, all her former inhibtions were swept away. "Why not?" she wondered. If that's what he wants and if that's what it take, why not?
That night, when the two of them were in bed, Joe reached over and softly caressed Jane's breast. He was ready for sex. But Jane had other ideas. She brushed his hand aside and sat up. "Aren't I the one who should initiate sex," she asked. Joe stared blankly but he immediately thought about the RWDDH website. Could she be referring to that he wondered?
"But you did such a very good job of cleaning the house today," she continued. "Why can't you do that more often," she asked? Joe shrugged innocently but he began to shake with anticipation. Jane reached over and grasped his penis firmly in her hand and began to caress it. "I'd like you to take responsibility for cleaning the house from now on. Can you do that for me?" she asked.
Hardly able to contain his excitement, Joe answers simply, "yes!"
"And I'd like you to prepare breakfast and cook dinner and clean up afterwards. Can you handle all that?"
"Sure," Joe replied.
"That's very good," Jane said. "Now I want you to make love to me."
Indeed, Joe took up the housework with earnest if not competence. Jane patiently instructed him and in time he got the hang of it. His enthusiasm never waned but Jane made an extra effort to give him sexual gestures from time to time as he did the chores, a wet kiss or a pat on the crotch or just a flash of her breast.
As the days went by, Jane became accustomed to his dutiful attention and began to become comfortable with the situation. So comfortable, in fact, that she shared the transformation of their marriage with her best friend, then with another friend, and then another, until it seemed that everyone they knew knew about their new arrangement.
Joe felt increasingly boxed in as more and more of their friends learned about their role reversal. What had started as sexual fantasy and role playing had become all too real.
One night, while Jane was reading a book in bed, he opened a conversation: "I'm not sure I like this new situation between us. I'm having second thoughts about all this. I think I'd like to go back to the way things were before."
Jane rolled over, and looked quizzically at him without answering. Joe continued, "I mean, I really like doing things for you but I think maybe you were right before when you said that a marriage should be between two equals."
Without a word, Jane set her book aside and grasped his penis firmly in her hand. "Are you unhappy?" she asked directly staring into his eyes. Joe began to answer 'yes' but instead responded, "well, I just think I should have more say around the house. Maybe we should share the chores more."
Jane reflected on their situation, which, she reminded herself, was Joe's idea to begin with. The house was clean, the food was edible, and she was being treated like a Queen. Why, she thought, would she ever want to go back to the way things were before?
Jane replied, "actually, I rather like things the way they are right now. Don't you like taking care of me?" As Jane stroked his erect penis, Joe felt his determination slipping away. His gaze wandered from her eyes to her lips. He longed to kiss them. His gaze fell to her breasts, he longed to suck them. He began to wonder why he had even raised the issue with her. How could he have been so selfish?
Jane continued, "in fact, I was thinking that maybe we should take this a step further. I was thinking that maybe I should take control of our finances. We could take your name off our joint bank account and put the house and other property in my name only. What do you think about that?"
"I'm not sure about that," Joe replied. Jane gave an exaggerated pout and began to pull her hand away from his penis. Joe quickly added, "but maybe we should talk about it."
Jane smiled and began to stroke again, "yes," she said, "let's talk about it. I'd like to do it tomorrow. Let's drop by the bank on the way to work and take care of it there."
As her stroking increased, Joe let out a muttered, "yes."
"So from now on, I will take care of our finances. Your paycheck is already deposited directly into the account. I'll give you an allowance and you can come to me when you want to buy something. Okay?"
"Okay," Joe muttered.
"Let's start right now, then. Go bring me your credit cards and a pair of scissors."
Joe ran to his wallet and pulled out his cards. He grabbed a pair of scissors from the bathroom and returned to the bed.
"Now cut them up," Jane instructed, caressing his penis again.
As Joe cut the cards in half, one by one, Jane quickened her stroke of his penis. When at last all the cards had been destroyed, she pulled him onto her and guided him to enter her.
Female power Weapons, Long hair, long finger nails, spiked heels, leather, long earrings, Low cut tops and short skirts, tight fitting geans or any other female power weapons used to seduce and capture as many males as she wants. Also included the methods she uses to control him once she has captured him because she insist that all those lucky males be attentive and worship her at all times.
Cindy and Phillip*
Cindy had came to the end of her rope with Phillip but the problems had actually started three years ealier when they were married. Phillip had been a considerate, polite, giving, and thoughtful suitor while they were dating and during the year while they were engaged. But as soon as they were married, that all changed.
At first, Cindy actually thought he had misrepresented himself to her, her friends and her family in order to 'get her.' It was only after sharing her frustration with Carmen, her close friend, that Cindy came to a realization that Phillip had simply transitioned to his idea of a normal marriage based on his own family experience.
Philip's idea seemed to be that he was the boss in the family, that Cindy should do all the housework (except yardwork and some home repairs) and that he would earn the money and give orders and be waited on. He didn't bother to seduce Cindy. Instead, they would just have sex when and how he wanted.
But Cindy had a demanding job outside the home and so she did not have the time or the energy to wait on Phillip as he expected.
As a result their sex life had become infrequent and lousy and their love and companionship was just as bad. Phillip was flirting with an affair.
All this came to a head over the Christmas holidays. As they went to visit each of their families his whole "Lord of the house" and his faithful female servant routine intensified and Cindy began to harbor constant divorce fantasies. They survived the holidays only because she bit her tongue every day.
After the holidays had passed, Cindy shared her frustrations with her friend Carmen. It was only by virtue of their conversations that a divorce was averted.
Throughout their discussions they joked about turning the tables on Phillip. Wouldn't it be nice, Carmen suggested, if Cindy became "Lord of the household" and put Phillip in his proper place. As they explored this idea it began to transform from a joke into a goal. And when Carmen found the RWDDH website they turned that goal into a plan.
Cindy cooked a nice dinner serving snacks and wine while preparing it. She wore a blouse that she knew would catch his attention.
As the meal came to an end Cindy said, "you know, life has been kind of hectic for me lately. I've been so overwhelmed at work and doing stuff here that we haven't been having anywhere near as much sex as I'd like, and maybe not as much as you'd like." She paused noting that she had caught his attention.
Cindy continued, "If you agree to it, I'd like to have sex with you this evening in a different way. I'd like to do a lot of sexual foreplay the way I ask you to do it, and after you've done me, I'll do you."
Phillip mumbled a positive response and they set off for the bedroom.
But Phillip kept forgetting his promise. Each time he strayed from Cindy's direction she admonished him sharply, "No! remember what we agreed."
Cindy didn't climax from the foreplay, but she was so relieved and so happy that it was working that she had to work to keep from laughing out loud.
When she decided that it was time to "do him" she said, as planned, "okay, it's your turn." Immediately he rolled atop her in the missionary position. "Whoa! Remember, I do you, my way. You're going to love it," she instructed.
Again, Cindy had to remind Phillip repeatedly, but she put him into positions that allowed her control and played with his nervous system while snuggling and kissing. Finally, she directed him into a missionary position but up on his elbows not letting his weight bear on her. She controlled his pace slowing him considerably.
In the end, it was, by far, the best sex she'd had for months if not years and (probably as importantly) the best he'd had for a long time.
Cindy made the rule that he could ask, he could beg, and he could be affectionate, but she decided if, when and how and only she actually initiated sex. She and Carmen had worried that Phillip would resist her control. But Phillip quickly adjusted to Cindy's control of sex with barely whimper and followed her direction of their sex. Indeed, he even began to develop an erotic response to her control of sex.
And while Cindy was happy that their sex life had improved markedly and that Phillip was more attentive and affectionate, she also found that she loved her new power over him for its own sake.
A couple weeks after she had established her control of sex Cindy turned to the housework.
Again, Cindy met with Carmen and they carefully planned the evening analyzing the situation, guessing at Phillip's responses, selecting phrases and ways of saying things and actually rehearsing them. Carmen was a lot more confident in the result than Cindy was, but Cindy needed the result.
Cindy led up to the big day for a few days by dropping comments like "I really like being in control of [this or that]. I hope you can get into it because it makes me feel sexy," over such minor tasks as getting something from the garage for her.
Cindy planned to pose a direct question for which there was only a single acceptable answer. She would stick ot the question and Phillip would simply find that sex didn't happen until he gave the correct answer. It was a theatrical production as well as a conspiracy.
Again, Cindy prepared a nice dinner and wore a sexy blouse that allowed Phillip a stimulating view. At the end of dinner, in a sexy but authoritative voice, Cindy told Phillip that she "needed his thinking on something." That got his attention.
"I've got a problem," she continued. "It takes me about as long to prepare for work in the morning as it does you. We each get our own breakfast such as it is and we leave the cleanup for later. I communte about as long as you do, both ways. That's not the problem. The problem for me is, I do most of the shopping, errand running, after meal cleanup, bed changing, cooking, etc." Cindy went down through her prepared list.
"Actually," she paused and sat back in her chair, "that's not the real problem. The real problem is that I resent it being that way. I resent it a lot and it's causing both of us a lot of grief. I didn't resent it when I was single and living alone, but I do now. So I've been trying to figure out how to fix it." Carmen had noted that the phrase "fix it" appeals to men. "I could quit my job and do all that stuff, but I don't want to quit my job, I like working. You could quit your job and do all that stuff, but I doubt that you want to quit your job to do errands and house work. We could hire a maid, but that would cost in after tax money and we'd still have to do a lot of the errands and things. One other thing is, we could split the work. I'm hoping you'll either choose that one or think of something better because otherwise I'm having serious attitude problems. What do you think?" She was due an oscar for that perfect delivery and Carmen and she could share for screenwriting.
Phillip mumbled around and emitted a fog bank of not much. Cindy waited until he had finished mumbling and delivered the next prepared comments, "I don't know about you, but I like being horny. Having my way in sex is a real turn on, but this housework and errands stuff is really a problem." She leaned forward to play with a dish and let him look down her blouse. "Maybe you would be willing to try the same sort of thing there. Like, I'd decide who would do what. I know I'd like that, and I think you'd like it too. I think we'd both love the results." Phillip mumbled a half-hearted agreement.
Having anticipated that, Cindy sat there silently showing no emotion and paying close attention to Phillip. Then, after a long pause, she said, "oh well, it was worth a try." She got up from the dinner table, acting tired, and walked into the living room to watch TV, which she never did before. She could hardly keep from laughing as she thought about what Phillip must be thinking. What? No sex, dirty dishes, wife watching TV.
Phillip didn't say anything, but it wasn't five minutes before he was in the living room opening up the dialogue with a new sense of urgency. Well, he'd thought about it and Cindy was probably right. She looked surprised, increasingly pleased and finally said, "oh, Phillip, I'm so glad, you have no idea how much I like being in control of the situation." With that she led him to the bedroom for sex.
After allowing Phillip a fifteen minute rest, Cindy said, "okay, new modus vivendi in operation, let's both go clean up from dinner." Phillip began to mumble, as she had expected. She waited until he had finished, and then a long five seconds. With a tiny bit of anger and a fair amount of coldness she intoned, "I can't believe this. Maybe I'm not understanding something. We agree to something very important to us, then you reach a climax and amnesia sets in. What did I miss?" Phillip mumbled some more as Cindy listened and then waited another ten seconds of silence. "You don't like my idea, and you don't have any of your own. Fine! Just don't tell me stuff and then act like you didn't," she finished very sharply.
Cindy got up, put on a short t-shirt and slippers. Very sexy, but not appearing to be seductive, she ignored him, and went into the dining room and kitchen and started cleaning up. Less than five minutes later Phillip was in the kitchen "helping". She acted annoyed, "hey, you've said what you had to say, or have you?" He mumbled some more and tried to put his arms around her but she evaded him until he distinctly said that he wanted "to talk." With obvious doubtful reluctance she hesitated and then said, resignedly, "okay, I'm tired of this kitchen crap."
She took his hand and, in a not particularly friendly manner, lead him into the bedroom, she in her T-shirt and he in pants and a shirt. "Don't lie in bed with your clothes on," she instructed. Phillip dutifully striped to his shorts. She fought an urge to laugh at him as he laid down beside her. "Let me explain something. What we agreed to is this: I enjoy deciding what we do in sex, and you seem to enjoy it too. I think I'd enjoy deciding who does what in housework, and I think you'd like it a lot. What then happens is you reach a climax and won't help me with the dishes. I'm pissed, and I think you can see why."
Phillip and Cindy discussed it further going round and round. Each time, Cindy repeated what she wanted in the clearest terms without arguing, explaining, or complaining. Finally he said the magic words, "well, I could try it."
Cindy quickly flipped the switch and was suddenly the sexy wife again. They finished the dinner cleanup, she in her short t-shirt, him in his shorts. She flirted with him affectionately and he was happy and hopeful. When they finished she looked at him and said, "I must be wierd, watching you do what I say is like an aphrodisiac, let's go fool around."
Karen and Steve*
Karen was a typical modern housewife. She got up each morning, prepared breakfast for her husband and the kids. She got the kids up, dressed them, fed them, and dropped the them off at day care on her way to work. In the evening, she would pick the kids up, come home, prepare dinner for her family, and then clean up. Meanwhile, her husband would retire to the study to "work" on their home computer.
One day, while at work, Karen received an email from a friend with a pointer to the RWDDH website and a cryptic note, "wouldn't this be nice." When she visited the website she nearly wet her pants. There she found a detailed description of how a wife can transform her marriage through erotic power to become the dominant partner and to have her husband waiting on her every beck and call.
The thought of the wife running the household by exercising erotic power seemed, to her, to be at once absurd and perverse. But she was intrigued and thought about nothing else the rest of the day. She couldn't get it out of her mind.
That night, after the kids had gone to bed, Karen decided to experiment a little. She removed her bra and unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her cleavage. Then she went into the study and, leaning provocatively over her husband, gently brushed his breast against his shoulder. "May I use the computer?" she coyly asked running her hand roughly across his crotch.
"Uh, yeah, sure," he stuttered.
Karen sat at the computer and began to browse her favorite sites on the web. Steve waited behind her a couple minutes and then left to read a book in bed. That night, he made passionate love to her.
She repeated this exercise over the next several nights always with the same result. By the fourth night, when her husband left the dinner table, he went straight for his book leaving the computer untouched. "Wow," Karen muttered to herself.
That night, as he lay in bed reading, Karen mustered the courage to go further. She squirted a dab of KY Lubricant into the palm of her hand from the tube she had earlier purchased and placed on her bedside and, without any warning to her husband, lifted her leg up and over him so that she sat astride his thighs. Before he had a chance to react, she pulled his limp penis from his underwear and began to spread the lubrication over it. Steve pulled his book to his chest and looked up at her with disbelieving eyes. Karen had always been passive in bed rarely initiating sex and never so aggressively. He was incredulous but excited when he asked, rhetorically, with a slight quiver in his voice "what are you doing?"
You’ll notice a trembling excitement in him when you explain your expectations in this arena. No doubt he thinks male lesbianism equals male heterosexuality. It does not. Male lesbianism is almost exclusively oral in nature and very demanding on the submissive partner, which he most certainly is. Hours will be dedicated to servicing his mistress with very little if any reward for him, other than your smile.
Steve was quickly rock hard. She replied with a smirk, "I want to talk."
"What do you want to talk about," he asked only half-attentive to their conversation, closing his eyes slightly.
"How come you never help clean up after dinner?" she asked.
"I dunno," he replied lamely showing genuine confusion at the question. For a moment he forgot the pleasure of her massage and looked wide eyed up at her.
Karen leaned forward and looked him deeply in his eyes and asked again, "I want to know, why do you always leave the dishes for me?" This time, though, her stroking began to slow. Steve reacted instinctively with a short upward thrust of his hips. His gaze turned from curiosity to desperation. "Tell me," she repeated. "I want to know." She slowed her stroking to a halt.
"I guess I just assume you like to do them," Steve ventured without thinking.
"Oh," she replied, resuming her stroking. Steve felt a relief wash over him.
"Why would you think that I like to do the dishes," she persisted.
This time, Steve considered the question, trying to sort out an answer amid the growing distraction of her caress.
"Do you like me to play with your penis," she asked slowing the stroking again.
"Yes, I like that very much," he replied without hesitation.
"Then tell me," she continued. "Why do you assume that I like to do the dishes?"
As Steve struggled to sort out his thoughts, Karen once again slowed her stroking. Once again, he instinctively thrust his hips upward. At last he replied, "I guess I just assume that because you always do them."
With that, Karen quickened her pace a little.
"Isn't that a bit of circular logic?"
"I guess so. But you never really complained."
"Well I'm complaining now. I'd like you to help with the dishes. Can you do that for me?"
Distracted by her stroking, Steve hesitated. When Karen slowed her stroking he quickly replied, "yeah, sure."
"You promise?" she said with a smile, quickening her stroking of his penis.
"Yes, I promise."
"What do you promise?" she said stroking still quicker.
"I promise to do the dishes sometimes."
"Only sometimes?" she asked, slowing her stroking.
"All the time," he quickly corrected himself. "I promise to do the dishes all the time."
Karen climbed off Steve and lay back on the bed, "I want you to make love to me, Steve," she said with a huge sigh.
Steve quickly rolled atop her and entered her. "Tell me again, what do you promise," she asked as sought desperately to relieve his primal urge.
"I promise to do the dishes all the time. I'll do the dishes," he repeated until they both reached orgasm.
The next night, of course, Steve forgot to do the dishes. Karen left them undone. When Steve got into bed with Karen, she turned her back to him and said, "I'm really disappointed. You promised to do the dishes but they are not done."
Steve winced at her scolding. He had hoped that she would forget that promise. He meekly responded, "should I go do them now?"
Karen turned and almost screamed, "yes!"
She waited a few minutes until she heard the dishes clanking loudly. She got out of bed and approached Steve from behind. While he was scrubbing the plates and silverware, she wrapped her arms around him and ran her hands down his crotch. "There, that's not so hard, is it?"
"I thought you were just playing around last night," he offered without expecting to be believed.
"Don't you want to keep your promises with me?" she asks running her hands roughly across his penis through his pajamas. She kissed him softly on the back of his neck. "I thought you were a man of your word," she teased slipping her hand inside his pajama pants. By now Steve was rock hard and having a hard time concentrating on finishing the dishes.
But he managed somehow to finish and as he turned around Karen took him by the hand led him to the bedroom. Noticing that she had squeezed a dab of KY Lubricant into the palm of her hand, Steve laid back in bed to await her attention.
Karen mounted Steve as before, freeing his hard penis from his pajamas first lubricating it and then stroking it firmly.
"I want you to promise, again, to do the dishes," she said. "And I want you to promise to do them without being reminded."
"I promise," he replied dutifully, his thoughts more on her caress than on his words. "I promise."
Over the next few weeks, Karen similarly introduced Steve to various household chores. First washing the clothes, then tidying the house, then vacuuming the house. But when she asked him to prepare breakfast and dinner, Steve revolted.
Pushing her hands away from his penis as he lay in bed, he said, "I don't mind doing a few things around the house and this has really been a lot of fun but when is this going to end? I'm beginning to get the impression that you want me to do everything around the house and you want to do nothing. That's not fair."
Karen nodded without a word and moved back to her side of the bed. "All right," she said letting the conversation die and turned to go to sleep.
For the next couple days, Steve refused to do his chores leaving the dishes to pile up and the house untidy. Through it all, Karen neither did the chores for him nor scolded him for not doing them. Instead, she waited.
Sure enough, the third day Steve came home with roses that he laid on the kitchen table. He went about his chores washing the laundry, tidying and vacuuming the house, and washing the dishes that had piled up.
When Steve came to bed, he laid beside Karen and declared proudly, "I did my chores."
Without looking up from her book, Karen replied, "yes, I noticed. That's very good. But you need also to apologize."
Steve bit his lip, "I'm sorry."
"Apology accepted," Karen replied setting aside her book and reaching for the KY Lubricant.
From time to time, Karen found that Steve would revolt against her authority but each revolt was less sincere than the previous until his revolts consisted of little more then pouting spells and sloppy housework. Always his revolts would end with a bundle of flowers, apologies, and extra attention to housework for the next week.
Over time, Karen found that Steve was most responsive to erotic sessions not more than every other night but not less than once a week, depending various things going on in their life.
After about six months of smooth sailing, Karen decided it was time to close the door once and for all on their old relationship. So one evening she called Steve into the study to see the website RWDDH.
"I'd like you to read this and let me know what you think," she said getting up from the desk and moving to another chair.
As Steve read through the website, he was in shock. Suddenly, everything made sense. "Would you like to talk about it? Karen asked as he rose from the chair.
"Not right now," he replied. Without further discussion, he retired to the bedroom in a sulk.
He continued his sulk for a couple days, leaving his chores undone. Their conversations were short and awkward. But Karen left him to himself knowing that he was thinking hard about their marriage.
Finally, on the third night, Steve turned to her in bed.
"I can't believe what I'm about to say," he began. Karen set aside her book and listened patiently.
"At first, when you showed me that website, everything fell into place and I was furious at you. But the more I fight it the more frustrated I become. When I think about refusing to do the things I've been promising to do for you, I just get extremely tense and uneasy. Then, when I think about doing them for you, I feel relaxed and happy, blissful really. When I think about doing the chores around the house, I just get so horny I can barely stand it. I think that I am addicted to serving you."
He continued, "I understand it and yet I don't. It all makes sense, rationally, this power you have over me. But what I can't understand is why my obsession makes me so happy. But it does and I would be a fool to deny it."
After a pause he resumed, "I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want to submit to you. Without reservation. Whatever you ask of me, I'll do. Just tell me what you want. I want to be your househusband."
"All I ask in return," he continued, "is that you not think less of me for going along with this. My biggest fear is that I will indulge this desire, this obsession, and then you will lose respect for me and ask for a divorce or have an affair. Promise that you will be faithful to me and I will do anything you ask."
Choking back tears of joy, Karen rested her hand on his hip. She said simply, "I promise."
Tricia and Daryl*
Tricia sat in her living room waiting for her husband of twenty years to arrive. And as she waited, she reflected and remembered.
It was only six months ago but it seemed like a lifetime. Certainly, it was for all practical purposes another life when she found the letters in their bedroom. Love letters written by her husband, Daryl, to a co-worker.
And he hadn't even tried to deny the affair. Oh, he had excuses. Her blood still boiled to remember how he had tried to blame her for the affair. Their sex life had gone to zero as she had turned her back on him in bed. And why not?! He had become an egotistical bastard and she his subservient housemaid. There was no love and without love how can there be sex?
Even as she had stood there, waving the letters in his face, he seemed so confident, so self assured. He was certain that she needed him more than he needed her. There was no remorse beyond that of a criminal who is sorry he got caught.
She relished, again, for the hundreth time, the look on his face when she tossed him out of the house. You really didn't expect that did you?
It didn't take long for her to find a job to support herself. And since the home was already paid off her expenses were minimal. Daryl called a couple times to offer a half-hearted apology but she wasn't ready to talk to him and because she knew he wasn't ready to truly apologize. He didn't even understand what he was apologizing for, yet. Nevertheless, she made it quite clear to him that she expected him to remain celebate if he harbored any hope of ever returning home.
So now, after six months, she was ready to welcome him back home, if 'welcome' was the right word for what she planned.
The doorbell wrang and she got up to answer. There he was, almost dashing in his pressed suit with an enormous bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates.
"May I come in?" he asked. She gestured in the affirmative ignoring the proferred gifts. He awkwardly held onto them as he slunk in to the living room and took his ususal seat.
"That's my chair," she said evenly. She almost cracked a smile as he showed first confusion and then humility quickly shuffling over to the smaller chair.
She took her seat, settling in confidently as if it has always been her's. She let the silence hang in the air and watched as he shifted nervously in his new chair looking for a place to set down the flowers and chocolates but not daring to actually do so.
"I've asked you here to let you know that I've decided to allow you to return home," she begain. Daryl smiled and opened his mouth to speak but she interrupted, "but there are several conditions that you should hear first. If you fail to abide by the conditions I will file for divorce without further discussion."
"What are your conditions," he replied softly.
"First of all," she continued, "I am ready to forgive you but I will never forget what you did. Contrary to what you may believe, there was absolutely no excuse for violating your marriage vows like you did. If you ever so much as look lustfully at another woman again I will file for divorce." He nodded in assent.
"I am prepared to forgive you only insofar as you are prepared to make amends. And you will make amends by following my directions in everything. From now on, I will be the head of this household. And your role in life is only to please me. If you do not please me, I will file for divorce." He nodded again, but with a puzzled look on his face.
"Your first job will be to maintain this house. You are the housewife from now on. You may not take a job without my permission and I will not give my permission unless I am satisfied that you are keeping up with the housework and if you ever fail to keep up with the housework I will ask you to resign from your job. If I lose faith in your ability to keep up with the housework, I will file for a divorce." He nodded, almost imperceptibly.
"You will clean the toilets, scrub and vacuum the floors, wash the clothes, and wash the dishes. You will plan and prepare the meals. You will lay out my clothes in the morning and pick them up at night. You will draw my bath and scrub my back. And through all of this you will be a perfect gentleman. If I sense any resentment from you in your chores, I will divorce you." This time, there was not even a weak nod.
"From now on you will sleep in the guest room. That is your room from now on. The master bedroom is my room. You do not go to sleep at night until I have gone to sleep and you will wake up before me. You will spend your Sundays alone in your room thinking about what you did and how you can make amends and be a good housewife to me. Are you agreed so far?"
"Yes," Daryl replied weakly not really comprehending what he was agreeing to.
"Now, as to sex. Forget it. Just simply forget it. If I am ever in the mood for sex with you I will let you know. If you ever touch me without my invitation then I will divorce you. Is that understood?"
Daryl bent his head forward and looked at the floor, "yes, I understand."
Anna and Claude*
Anna and Claude had been married ten years but having decided not to have children their time was taken with each other and work. Over the years, Claude had become more and more beaten down by his job while Anna was blossoming in her's, so much so that Claude started to worry that she might have an affair.
As Claude struggled to maintain his self-esteem at home he began to search the internet for ideas to rekindle his marriage. Eventually he came upon RWDDH. There he found not a method for boosting his self-esteem but rather a model for embracing his increaslingly inferior position in the marriage. Thus did he begin fantasizing about submitting to his wife. Over the span of a couple months he become obsessed with the idea and determined to bring it up with her.
Anna, meanwhile, was growing increasingly frustrated with Claude's insecurity at home. She found herself staying longer and longer at work and fighting the urge to treat him as a doormat at home. She had long lost romantic interest in Claude and she began to wonder if their marriage was worth the trouble.
So she was taken aback when she first noticed the RWDDH website link on their computer favorites list. "What's this," she asked Claude.
"Just something I found on the internet," he replied with a shirk.
As she glanced through the site she laughed out loud. "Did you read this," she exclaimed. "Did you leave this here for me to find or what?!"
Claude looked at the floor and searched for the proper response. "I thought it might be worth talking about," he said.
Anna shook her head and read on. "You think this would be fun? You want me to manipulate you like this?" She looked at him with new eyes. Their love life had grown stale and tired but she knew enough about sex to know how easily men could be led by their sexual desires. If nothing else, this would sure be a lot of fun, she thought to herself.
"What do you find attractive about this?" No answer came but as the question hung in the air she noticed the growing bulge in Claude's pants. "Come here," she told him. "This is so cute, you're really turned on by this aren't you?"
Claude replied, "I dunno, maybe it's too silly but we could try some simple things and see what it's like."
"Well let me read the rest and I'll think about it," she replied peering into his eyes and seeing a glint of fire for the first time in quite a while. He smiled at her, nodded, and returned to his reading.
She studied the site carefully over the next few nights, reading and rereading and wondering why Claude had been so taken by it. Sure there was lots of sexual fetishism but there was also a lot of work involved. According to the site he was supposed to do everything for her, obey her every whim and serve every desire.
One passage in particular caught her attention and she decided to start there, with the most extreme and humiliating exercise of all. That, she thought, would quickly test his seriousness. She would have some fun with him.
She followed the links and placed an order for the toys. Before she clicked the submit button on the order she turned to Claude and announced, "I've decided we should give this a try. You start doing the housework around here and when I think you've done enough I'll give you a big surprise."
"Ok," Claude said. "Show me how." Anna rolled her eyes and hit submit.
Anna then drafted a list of chores to do around the house. She printed the list and said, "follow me." Leading him around the house she introduced him to the washing machine, the utility room, and described the various cleaning solutions making additional notes on her list of chores. Finally she asked, "are you ready to begin?"
"Yes," Claude replied. "I'll start by washing the bed sheets and towels."
The next day when she returned from work Anna was surprised to find Claude already home and cleaning the floors.
That night Claude came to bed washed and clean shaven. Anna ran her hand across his penis, "not yet." The same thing happened again the next day. "Not yet," she said as she turned and went to sleep.
She half expected Claude to lose interest after the third night but he seemed more energetic than ever about doing the chores. His questions about the chores were genuine and he seemed to be really learning how to do them right.
Finally the package arrived and Anna announced after dinner, "tonight will be your lucky night." Claude smiled broadly and as he cleared the table, a bulge growing in his pants.
While Claude was doing the dishes Anna retired to their bedroom. She drew a bath and laid out her most erotic lingerie beside the opened box locking the bathroom door behind her.
As she relaxed in the tub Claude knocked gently on the door, "is there anything I can do for you?"
"Go use the other bathroom to clean up and wait for me in bed undressed," she replied grinning to herself.
She had planned to soak for at least an hour but when she heard her husband reenter the bedroom she couldn't wait any longer. She dried herself and dressed in her lingerie. She oppened the package and drew out the leather harness adjusting the straps to what looked like the right size. She stepped into the harness letting it dangle loosely while she went to the box again picking up the double-sided dildo. She smiled to herself as she turned it around in her hands. One end was realtively small and curved. That was her end. The other larger end was straight and well endowed. There was no mistaking the shape. Yes, Claude was going to get a surprise tonight.
She lubricated the smaller curved end with some Ky jel. She pulled the larger end through the harness until the base rested against the leather pad. Then she squated to insert the smaller end into herself. She felt a tingle of excitement and anticipation as it squished into place. She drew the harness tight to secure the dildo in place and then pulled at it in different directions to test its security and firmness.
She walked to the full-length mirror and admired her reflection. "I've always wondered what it would be like to be a man," she said to herself as she stroked her new penis.
She walked to the bathroom door, her new penis bobbing with each step, the inserted end squishing gently inside her.
She drew her breath at the door, there was no turning back now. She opened the door slowly and peered out at her husband, resting naked on the bed, his eyes closed, his head in his hands. When he heard the door he opened his eyes and rolled over to face her. What he saw took his breath away. His mouth dropped and his eyes widened to saucers. Anna glided gracefully through the doorway and into the bedroom but his eys were fixed on the seemingly enormous dildo protruding from her pelvis.
"What's this," he stammered in disbelief sitting up in bed.
Anna turned profile to him and replied, "what do you think? Do I have what it takes to be the man of the house?"
"I though we were going to just try some simple things, not this," he said pointing with a shaking finger. "This is not what I was suggesting," he added.
"I found this on the website you showed me. I know this is what you want," she said mocking his rock hard erection like a prosecutor pointing to a smoking gun. She was just joking when she said it but the thought arrested her. Was he just so horny from all the teasing over the last few days or was this turning him on?
Anna looked down at Claude as he fumbled for a reply. She had planned only to scare him and tease him but now, at this moment, things suddenly seemed different. She felt something wash over her and she tilted her head in deep thought. Everything slowed down and grew still as she pondered the situation before her. What was she feeling? Was this a game or was it for real? Was she here to teach Claude a lesson or was there perhaps something for her to learn in this?
Claude looked up at her with an expression that drew her breath away: resignation. Her heart pounded as the enormity of the situation swept over her.
The smirk gone from her face, she motioned with her hand for Claude to stay put. She retraced her steps back to the bathroom to pick up the Ky jel and returned to the bedroom to find Claude laying flat on his back staring up at the ceiling.
"What do you want me to do," Claude said in a clam voice.
Again she paused to ponder the feelings that were running through her. After what seemed like an eternity she remembered the Ky jel in her hand. She opened it and squirted a very liberal dose onto the dildo spreading it carefully around.
"Just relax," she replied. "We'll take this slow and easy." Then, her sense of humor returning, she added, "I promise I'll be gentle."
She moved to the foot of the bed and paused again. Yes, she realized. She wanted to take him. She wanted to penetrate him like a man. She felt so empowered. She was going to be the penetrator and there was her husband opening himself up to her in the most literal was possible.
She spread his legs before her and crawled onto the bed between them. She ran her hands along his thighs and his hips and then back to his legs pulling them up and spreading them further out to expose his bottom to her. She crawled slowly forward until the head of the dildo was resting against his crotch. All the while her eyes were on his and his on hers. Without breaking eye contact, she guided the head against his anus and pressed forward ever so gently.
She watched his reaction, a quick draw of breath and then another. She continued the pressure, gently, gently. She ran her hands across his chest and whispered to him, "you are mine now, you belong to me." And she truly felt it. Never before had she felt so possessive of him.
Claude brought his hands up to Anna's sides, his thumbs on her niples, and replied with a soft, knowing smile, "I am your's. Take me." He drew up his legs exposing himself totaly to her.
As he did so, Anna felt the head move past the anus and into the rectum. Claude began to draw quick, shallow breaths. She paused and then pressed gently forward again. She waited until Claude had regained his breath and then she pulled back slightly until she felt resistence of the head against the inside of the anus. Claude's short breaths became gentle moans.
Forward, back, forward, back. Awkwardly at first but with growing confidence she thrust her pelvis forward and back. As she continued she felt her end gently moving inside her. The base pressed firmly against her clitoris each time she pushed forward. The curved end pulled against her g-spot each time she pulled back. Her own breath grew shallow and quick in rythm with his.
She felt crazy, dizzy with a lust for power. For the first time in her life, she was in complete control and Claude lay passively beneath her. And as her own passion surged, she could see Claude, too, was caught up in the flow, yielding, accepting.
No, this was not a game. This was real. This was genuine. With each stroke she felt as if she were casting aside inhibitions, tossing off chains. No longer would she restrain herself to fulfill social expectations.
It didn't take long before she felt a powerful orgasm roll through her. As her vagina clinched down on the dildo, she grasped his swollen penis and with a couple quick strokes of her hands he exploded as well.
That night forever changed their lives.
Note: These stories are based on real life events. The names have been changed and, in some cases, represent a composition of several married couples.


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