Tuesday, January 25, 2005

How to Cuckold Your Husband or Boyfriend

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Want to cuckold your husband or boyfriend?
Here are some tips from the experts!

1. Confidence in yourself is very important to becoming an accomplished cuckoldress. Start by flirting with other men when you're not with your husband. The level of the flirting can range from eye contact and a smile to suggestive innuendo during conversations - depending on the circumstances that can range from how many margaritas you've had to how likely it would be for your man to find out. Measure their reactions. Do they appear mildly interested, willing to be your sex slave, or somewhere in between. The desired result,of course, is to make them want you desparately. Soon, you won't be nervous anymore in this flirtatious activity and will be the picture of confidence. Guys love confident women!!!

2. Start mentioning to your husband/boyfriend the amount of male attention you're getting and watch his reaction closely. Is he jealous and possesive? Does he act as though he's not threatened at all, or do you see a little jealousy mixed with excitement? Mention it more and more - especially when you're making love. Does it turn him on?

3. Tell your man you're having fantasies about sex with other men. Reassure him its no one in particular (even though it may be!) but you're just curious about it. Have a good reason if he asks you why that doesn't threaten him. For example, if you were sexually inexperienced when you hooked up with him, say something like "Honey, sex with you is soooo great, it has me wondering about other sexual possibilities…you've got me hooked on sex!" THIS will boost his ego by making him think he is the reason you love sex so much. If you think he'll resist this, another approach would be, "honey, you had several sex partners before we met and I never had the chance…I just want to see what its like but I love you." Reassure him that you're just curious and haven't done anything. You should discuss these fantasies with him often, even tell him you're pretending he's some movie star while you make love. Scream out the star's name! Put on a show! He'll LOVE it!

4. At some point, you'll have to test the waters and really take your flirtations a bit further - all the way if you want! By now, you're confidence should be very high. Follow your instincts to what could result in a very brief but highly orgasm-charged fling with a really hot guy! Afterwards, continue with the tips in #3, only now, you'll be speaking from experience. Don't tell him about this encounter. It should always remain your little secret. (be sure to share it with scandalouswomen.com, though!)

5. When it comes time to break the news to your husband that you really want to have wild sex with other men, and by now he should be so enthralled with your sexuality he won't resist, you'll appear confident as you head into your encounter. If you let your husband watch, make sure you smile at him and make heavy eye contact during the fuck-fest. Your husband should plainly see how happy this is making you!


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  • At 10:41 PM, Blogger Misty said…

    Very good advice! Thank you for sharing!

    ~Misty (ClubCuck)


  • At 6:53 AM, Blogger Sliver said…

    Be sure to let him know "during intercourse" that you NEED a bigger cock to satisfy your sexual needs. Be sure to reinforce your need for a larger cock to keep you happy, do this each time (while you are having sex). Reassure him you love him and need him, that you will never leave him. Let him know he is not adequate in the sex department.

  • At 6:53 AM, Blogger Sliver said…

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  • At 8:20 AM, Blogger Mathew Acra said…

    You people are sick.

  • At 5:49 PM, Blogger Mark Ramos said…

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  • At 6:15 AM, Blogger Joe Flo said…

    I hate to be a party pooper; but this is another sign we are living in the last days of the world as we know it, when sexual perversion becomes rampart.

  • At 8:19 PM, Blogger MissT said…

    I have sex with many other men, but how do I get my husband to just want sex with me and to do clean up duty with my lovers without desiring other women?

  • At 8:23 PM, Blogger MissT said…

    I have sex with many other men, but how do I get my husband to just want sex with me and to do clean up duty with my lovers without desiring other women?


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